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Nate D. is a 17 year old homeschooler who currently lives in Central New York.  He is an avid reader, writer, and researcher.  He is also actively involved in local, state, and federal politics.  During his spare time he enjoys playing his instruments, hiking, and biking.  He is a born-again believer and often teaches Sunday School at his local church.  His summers are usually filled with camp ministry and Bible study, in addition to his usual activities.  Also, if you’re wondering, he is Team Cap. 

S.T. Lloyd comment:  This young man is using his God-given talent to serve the Lord and proving that one does not have to wait for adulthood to do so.  I find his writing insightful, humorous, profound, and immensely readable! Out of the mouths of babes?  Good for you, Nate!  And congratulations Mom and Dad, on a job obviously well-done!  Lets see,  he’s 17 now, so only eighteen more years until he can run for President!  At my age, it’s hard enough to believe it’s 2017 now, 2035 seems an awful long way off, but let me warn you, Nate, my friend, the second seventeen will go by a whole lot faster than the first seventeen. (Can I get a witness moms, dads?)  The good news is, you can be in the White House Press Pool much sooner than that!!!  In fact, I bet Donald Trump would give you a job right now if you made your case to him as well as you do in your blog posts!  You could represent the very under-represented “teen and kid contingent”.

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