Baby Seized From Parents Due To Belief In ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Nwo Report

A young married couple had their one-day-old baby A young married couple had their one-day-old baby “confiscated” from them by social workers in Alabama because of their “conspiracy theories and Christian beliefs”.

They said our view was dangerous,” Christian Holm said of social workers for the Cleburne County, Alabama, Department of Human Resources, who labeled the couple “conspiracy theorists.

But Christian Holm says “We were just trying to follow the Bible as close as we could and speak for Jesus.

Christian said social workers opposed their religious beliefs about “man’s creation destroying God’s creation” and also had concerns that the couple didn’t want to give the baby a Social Security number, according to The Anniston Star.

Social workers called the police and together they left with the baby – refusing to tell the couple where they were taking it, The Star reported.

They took the baby, said, ‘He’s ours and this is…

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