Kitchen “reveal”!

I’d like to throw in a prayer request here.  Would you be so kind as to pray for my husband in that he is going to interview for a position in his current company that would be a significant step up in pay and stability, plus allow him to put to use his Business and Finance degree?  He has been a model employee, in a company that is big on political correctness which tends to land over-fifty males out in the cold when the new opportunities open up.  In this case, though, he has a decade of experience in the various positions in the company, and that plus his education will allow him to bring a lot to the table for this job as Business Analyst. With this old house, a kid in college and a wife who can contribute a very limited amount to the family income, this would be a great blessing to him and I think he deserves it! Thanks ya’ll!

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, lol. (Okay, maybe two or three of you).

We have done everything now but the new flooring. With all the other changes, we have decided to keep the butcher-block counter tops.  It goes wilt the theme and is already neutral enough to work.  It is still in great shape, and been there long enough to come back into style!


Bought these 6″by 6″ aluminum tiles from CollectionsEtc, fourteen per box, three boxes.  $9.99 per box, plus shipping.  They are dimensional, so rather than try to put a ton of liquid nails behind them we decided to just stick them on with the little foam squares (for filling the dead space, but nail each corner, as the foam “sticky” would have failed within a few weeks after the heat of the oven, moisture, etc effected it.  The nails are invisible unless you get up close, but they’re cute anyway.  I love how it brightens up the wall.  The lighting has changed the room entirely, and when we get the faded looking “driftwood” floor panels in, it is going to be like night and day from what it was like before.  I am so proud of my husband for this great job he has done!


It feels both bigger and more cozy.  I don’t know how that is possible, but I love how warm it feels.


I love that we kept the old barn red in the nook there on the right.  The depression era tall cabinet I free-handed the yellow “trim” on it to match the cabinets.  The apron in the corner was a gift from my boys when they were little.  I should probably have moved the recycling bin out of the picture, or at least emptied it.  🙂


Sticking with the original color scheme of green, red and yellow, meant the old “geegaws” still work, plus I tossed in a few new ones.  We just shuffled around the way we used the colors. More yellow, less green and red and a lot of crisp clean white!  You can’t see it that well, but I have a string of mini Mason Jar lights (Dollar store) woven in this “display” as that corner is sort of dark now that the central light is  about a foot lower than the old one was.

IMG_3155 (2)

You see the red-head lady thing on top of the microwave?  That is called “Angry Mama”.  You can’t see her face but it is angry-looking, and you put water inside, and run the microwave for one minute, and she steam-softens all the stuck-on gunk, for easier cleaning.  I know I can do the same thing with a cup of water and some vinegar, but I loved the idea and thought it was just so cute.  Ebay, of course!


The sunflower light fixture was the splurge.  But it makes the whole thing, don’t you think?



This picture is huge.  Nearly 3 feet diameter.  I found it at Goodwill, loved the frame, but not the picture inside.  So.  I altered the picture.  The foreground had people in Victorian garb sitting under the big tree.  I kept the tree and the far background, and painted in the barbed wire fence and flowers in the foreground, and added the barns and house, pond, fence, etc. Hubby repainted the frame for me from a drab gold to Tobacco Brown lacquer. I wasn’t sure I could pull off altering the original picture and keeping the tree and the distant background.  But I did it!  I did go over some of the greenery that was very pale, and add a little more blue to the sky around the clouds.


Adorable tractor shadow boxes from eBay!



I bought a book of food ephemera of years past, and clipped out these  vintage images, attached them to pennants, connected them with brads and strung with jute.  Sealed with Mod Podge and strung them up around the pantry area by the back door, where the ceiling is high.


I made this 2-tiered fruit basket with a candlestick, a tin I got with bath goodies in a few years ago, and the lower tin that I got at Goodwill, plus I lined it with cloth, coated with mod-podge for wipe-clean care.


We still have to put a bead of clear liquid nails sealant between the tiles to seal everything, although we already did that on the part of the backsplash over the sink, because we don’t want water getting behind these tiles and get mildew and mold.


The small brown frames over the doorways have Bible verses on them.  Hubby has to adjust a few hinges as a couple of doors want to stay open on those upper cabinets.  For someone without experience in all of this stuff I think he did a fantastic job!  The center picture over the nook is of two scarecrows, that I did in watercolor.  The “dipper” (white enamel with red handle) is a nod to childhood at Grandma’s and Aunt Jean’s in West VA.  Everyone drank from it, and hung it back on the nail when they were finished.  Saved a lot of cup-washing when all the grand kids were there.


My mom painted this.  I love it.  On the flip side is a rooster, so I switch it up every once in a while. The finish is crackled.  My mom’s dad was a carpenter and painter, and a few years back when they came up with those crackle “kits” to achieve that effect, Mom got kind of tickled because back in the day, people got upset when this happened, before they figured out what happens when you put latex over oil.  Mom said she loved the look back when most people thought of it as a “mistake”.  Mom, to keep the crackle, I had to apply  the lighter paint one dab at a time so as to not white out the blackened crevices.  Preserved the effect, but I used flat paint, so good old Mod Podge, restored the shine to blend with the original gloss.


Sister-in-law Carmen gave me this pre-rusted rooster that hangs in my kitchen ceiling, with it’s mini cow-bells.


A buck fifty at Goodwill, perfectly coordinates!


Even better, fifty cents at Goodwill, made my own hanger with heavy copper wire.


The piggy I ordered first, never came, so I got a refund on that one, and found this one that I like just as much!  The jar thing behind him is one of the lights on a strand I wove through the stuff up there.  See the dollar store bean-bottles in back?  It reminds me of the bean “wreath” in Grandma’s kitchen at Sandstone. Beans and acorn tops I think it was.


The piggy that went to market, of course!


Yep, and honest-to-goodness Aunt Jemima bottle.  I have two.  I intended to paint them like the ones I remember from when I was small, but I just couldn’t bring myself to desecrate it, lol.  Arent the little “Borden milk” cow creamers adorable? String of flower lights on this shelf.  That middle thingy under the shelf is a “jar-tong” for canning.  I don’t can.  But my husband made pickles from the cucumbers he grew in the back yard the past couple of years so he actually uses them. He also likes to pull my old-fashioned tater-masher off display and put it to use from time to time.


Ever buy something for someone and like it so much you kept it for yourself?  My other sister-in-law Julie, collects McCoy and Fiesta pitchers.  I wasn’t sure she would like this one, but I found I did like it so I kept it and it worked perfect for the set of red utensils Mom gave me, plus the cute “Hey Kool-Aid” spoon!


I picked up this fan at the dollar store a few years back for about eight bucks. I loved copper before the price of gold shot up and everyone started doing stuff with copper all over the place.  It is the perfect little thing to have near the sink where I still wash dishes the old-fashioned way!  See the carrots in the corner?  Dollar Tree had jump-ropes for Easter Baskets and those carrots were the handles.  I just lopped off the ropes, attached some artificial grass, also from Dollar Tree, and tied on a yellow ribbon I already had!  I think it goes well with my happy veggie-fruit theme, my veggie lady and smiley onions that I showed in the March 3rd post about the plan for this Kitchen do-over.  


A sunflower stained glass night light to go with the sunflower socket plate I decoupaged!


I got the idea for this scene from a kitchen towel I saw.  Instead of buying the towel, I bought a one-dollar frame and painted it myself.  Watercolor!  Pretty vivid for watercolor, but I’m a heavy-handed painter.I took that from standing under the doorway above which it hangs.  Thus the weird angle.


I have had this “forever”, bought it originally at the Rose’s store we still have in our little town.  I took out the old flowers, and added sunflowers and the yellow butterflies.  It works nicely in the nook, and pulls the sunflower theme into there.  There is a red shelf beneath these windows and that’s where I have my painted rocks.

I will share a couple of pictures whenever we get the “driftwood” flooring down.  That’s going to be my contribution to the labor.  I can handle being on the floor better than I can trying to lean over cabinets to put up tile, or paint, because of the Fibromyalgia and weakness that comes with it.  The floor will be done little by little.  I am learning as I get older to have patience and break jobs down into small chunks, because if I don’t, I will not get anything done!  This total D.I.Y. job cost about the same as the bedroom makeover.  $800. Even including the flooring and new light fixtures.

Next up is the bathroom!  Don’t know how much we will do right away in there, but we’re having one of those businesses come in that strips and refinishes tubs that originally were powder-coated and baked in a kiln. The latest processes for that are much more durable than just painting it with that tile and tub paint. We’ve done that three times, well, hubby has, and so that is why the company will nave to strip and prime before they can lay down  the new coating.  That tub is ancient and steel and very heavy.  The tile is in great shape, but it’s that sixties green and the grout is loose and I can’t get in there and scrub enough to keep the mildew from coming.  We may get the floor tile and the wall tile outside of the tub done as well, depending on the estimate. The tub sits inside of an alcove.  Which is quaint and kind of cool, but the worst use of the space anyone could have come up with.  If I had the funds and my druthers, I would move the tub to the far wall, and the bathroom would feel three times as big.  It’s long and narrow like the old galley kitchens used to be.  I did acrylic accents on that tile before and covered it in some hard clear acrylic and it lasted six years, so I think we could get by with doing that ourselves.  The floor grout is still in good shape, and the floor tile is also green with speckles of cream and darker greens, and I could get by with scrubbing that down with bleach and possibly using a white paint pen to refresh the white.  Those bleach pens for cleaning grout didn’t work that well when I tried those.

When we first moved here, (21 years ago) I did the bathroom in “Jimmy Buffet”. The shower curtain was tropical with parrots.  The large picture I painted from one of his album covers was on one wall, and on another wall I tacked up a huge beach towel, to which I nailed an empty bottle of sun tan oil, some sunglasses, a pair of flip-flops with a “pop top” embedded in the heel of one of them, and a kiddie pail and shovel.

I did the kids room in a wrap-around Pooh mural when they were babies.  I guess I have had fun doing different D.I.Y. stuff in this old house, making the best of it.  There is a crack in the plastered-over chimney that comes back right away every time we seal and re-paint it.  I have decided to do one of those faux effects and make the crack an accent.  I’ll paint a section where it will look like sections of the plaster have fallen off, and paint the “exposed brick” underneath it.  If you can’t beat it you may as well run with it, right?  There are people who pay other people good money to create a crack in a wall like that.  I already have the crack, I just have to accentuate and embellish it.  How’s that for making lemon-aid where life gives you lemons?  Make the best of it, right?  Got my ingenuity from my Mama!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen “reveal”!

  1. “Geegaws”, I am taking that word. We call them tchotchkes in Texas. Why!?, I don’t know. Your kitchen is adorable. The sun will always be shining in there. I hope and pray that you feel better and better. Also, praying for your hubs to get the job. In God’s Will, of course, He knows best.


    • LOL, Tchotchkes is a yiddish word! Don’t know how it caught on in Texas! Is there a large Jewish population there? It is the word a lot of New Yorkers and New Jersians use. Another word is knick-knacks. I love to research word histories. Quirky hobby.Thanks for prayers!


  2. Yeah, the change in lighting is profound! It’s softer and overall it feels much cozier like the rest of our house. My older son, who is stationed in Hawaii, said it looks like an old farm kitchen, which was exactly what I was going for. Can’t wait to see it with the flooring! Sadly I probably won’t open the curtains much. Even though I have those wonderful windows for sunlight, the neighbor’s yard that it looks out on is horrible. Maybe one day we can do a privacy fence on that side.


  3. Your kitch is “happy” ha ha. Looks like my grandma’s kitchen and that is the highest compliment I could give. Oh I would love to be back in her kitchen, watching her flip tortilla’s while I roll out the dough. Sitting around her table drinking coffee and talking about everything. I love what you have done. Keep it up, I have some ideas thanks to you LOL Mary


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