Prophecy Update with Amir, April 21, 2017 – YouTube

I wanted to post this because Amir says a lot of the things I have felt and been concerned about in regards to the bloggers and you-tubeers out there who are muddying the water making this time more confusing than ever for Christians, not to mention the lost.  He says he even had to go so far as to block some people.  I have had to do that, and it is not done without a lot of soul-searching.  There are some who are literally stealing, robbing newer and less informed or discerning Christians of their blessed hope.

The updates this past Sunday agree on the convergence of the signs that are happening now.  Most of these things have happened before in history, however the difference now is that they are happening in tandem.  I almost wish Amir would call these bloggers and you-tubers out by name.  If you are like me and have spent a lot of time in this, you can probably name them yourself.  As I have gone along and things are winding down to the final curtain, I have eliminated several “sources” I once listened to or watched.  For what it is worth coming from me, I believe that Amir Tsarfati is one of the very best sources to listen to.  In fact, the four main ministries that have remained my “go-to’s” for this information, in the past year or so, and remained when others were dropped, have all actually now  met one another and come together in this effort to some degree.  All of them have been on Jan Markell’s programs.  I’m not talking about the ones who write books, etc.  I am talking about the ones who are actively giving what we all call Prophecy Updates.

It is so close now to the final events that the Bible tells us set up the world for the coming Tribulation and Anti-Christ.

There is as much “fake news” in the Christian circles as the secular, unfortunately.

Keep the faith, keep looking up, and don’t let down your guard.  I am resting but I have not by any means dropped out of the watchman effort to keep informed.  God is still working and the end is not yet, and He has plans for each of us even to the last minute.


2 thoughts on “ Prophecy Update with Amir, April 21, 2017 – YouTube

  1. Thank you for ” watching” as you do and keeping us informed. I have limited my intake as well, but feel comfortable with your discernment abilities to weed through the self proclaimed prophets.

    • Yeah, I feel like it’s almost a matter of pacing ourselves because despite how close everything looks to culmination, it still could be a “long haul” relatively speaking. Nice to hear from you my friend!

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