Prepping for Departure

Terry James Prophecy Line

These are times the entertainment industry gleefully uses to take advantage of those they see as nutcases. The supposed nutcases are those whose determination is to prepare for what they envision as the coming meltdown of civilization.

You can see the programs on the various channels during the course of any given week. The producers of such programs, it is obvious from the programming, pick and choose the most conspiratorially prone of the “preppers,” as they are called, to film while the producers follow those preppers’ every move.

You can sense from the tone of the narration that it is, for the most part, tongue-in-cheek so far as the producers of these programs are concerned. They are simply trying to entertain the viewers by doing case studies on the fringe “kooks” who are out there in the few wildernesses left in America.

Of course, the kooks themselves are clueless. They…

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