Birth pains intensity is definitely taking an obvious upward tick right now

  • Hurricane Harvey: Multiple Billions of Dollars (latest estimate $180 B
  • The California fires August: 60 fires, Current: 62 (source) fires extend up into Oregon Washington and into Canada
  • Hurricane Irma now a Cat 5 storm and expected to hit Florida with catastrophic damage. Cat 5 means winds greater than 156 mph.
  • Hurricane Jose is right behind Irma and could follow the same path
  • North Korea launching nukes and directly threatening the U.S. and Trump saying U.S. will not tolerate it.
  • Israel now making good on its massive drill in prep for war in Lebanon
  • Global refugee crisis
  • Syrian war with a half million deaths in five years, and fight among factions of Islam for dominance in Middle East as a whole is escalating to a head
  • Instability in Turkish government and deeper involvement in Middle East War
  • Russia Aggression
  • Humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Houthi (Shiite, and allies of Iran), vs Sunni regime, in the continuation of the spread of “the Arab Spring”. Houthi want to overthrow the Sunnis and have control over Mecca and Medina which could lead to collapse of the Saudi regime, and could lead to ultimate all out clash of the Sunni/Shiite conflict. This would complete the destabilization of the Middle East and pave the way for the Arabian peninsula to revert back to Israel.
  • Smile pay (cashless transactions via biometrics) now in use at KFC in China
  • Saber-rattling in China as it expands in the South China sea, China getting chummy with Russia and supporting North Korea
  • Disentegrating relations between U.S. and China
  • North Korean threat to South Korea
  • Stirring of racial division in America could lead to Civil War II.
  • Violence in Myanmar creating yet another refugee crisis as 146,000 Rohingya Muslims flee the violence there, and UN predicts numbers could quickly rise into 300,000.
  • Increasing discrimination against Christians, and persecution, not only throughout the world, but particularly in U.S. where Christianity has previously been a beacon of hope for the world.
  • Science now figuring out way to regrow lost limbs

The list could go on and on.  It’s too much for any one person to keep up with.

I think that soon there will be a need to expand the Richter Scale and the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale to accommodate all of the new “largest in history” events.  These things are not going to abate, they will only intensify and the chaos and conflict are inevitable.  Stay the course, fellow Believers.  Our redemption is drawing nearer every day.  Put your trust in the Lord, serve Him where you are in what ways you are able, and share the gospel every chance you get.  Do NOT allow the personal chaos, discouragement, and hardships Satan is throwing at you right now, deter you.  Don’t be surprised by it.  Accept that the Lord told us it would be this way, and just keep your focus.

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