Intriguing developments relating to what 666 refers to, which are right on the horizon

I took a break from Gonz for a while, because his brain functions in a sphere mine can’t comprehend, and he covers so much, it can be a little overwhelming and intimidating for me, particularly in any ability to understand how some of it relates to Christianity and these end times.  However, I revisit his Youtube channel Face Like the Sun, from time to time, and  this is a video that goes right along with the accelerating birth pangs we have been watching.  It is another of the pieces of the developing picture, that will make you say , “wow”!  He doesn’t explain in the video, the term “Em” and what it refers to.  It is referring to an Emulation of humankind, the uploading and replication of a human mind. Thank the Lord for the geeks, right?  (Which term is no longer derogatory, but rather these eccentric and super-smart folks have earned their place of honor). Get out the duct tape and start wrapping your head right now, because this is going to blow your mind just a little bit!–S.T. Lloyd


Click HERE to view the full Ted Talk of Economist and Social Scientist Rob Hanson.

Oh, and by the way, Pope Francis had individual personal meetings at the Vatican with Tim Cook, Apple CEO,  Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, and Keven Systrom CEO of Instagram last year. Hmmm.

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  1. I saw this this morning excellent video. Blew my mind. I know we are close what exciting times! Thanks for posting the truth!

    Amazing message check it out.


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