2 thoughts on “(2) Current Events & Bible Prophecy Update, Sept.13, 2017. – YouTube

    • Hey, sorry it took me so long to respond to this. It has been a hecktic weekend, and we’re all on a new schedule around here. I used to listen to Zuess, because he was funny, but in the video you shared, he took a whole lot of things out of context to what Amir Tsarfati has said. After watching Mossbender a while, I noticed a pattern of twisting things, and ridicule being his schtick is ok here and there, but it is all he does, and it gets to where it is offensive after a while. I don’t follow him anymore, but I did watch this vid. It is not so much a rebuttal as a straw man. If one is going to spiritualize what can be taken as literal in it’s plain sense, you are going to come to the kinds of conclusions old Zuess has come to. He has lost his credibility.

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