My Irma Relief Fundraiser

UPDATE! (and photos)

Here is a praise! This photo (below) on aluminum survived the hurricane, and June’s sentiments upon finding it: “It is a sweet promise that our lives are still here, just need to clean up the debris and push forward”. (See damage pic slideshow below).


(new info in red)

My friends  June and Mark, June’s mother (Jackie), as well as daughter ( also named Jackie after grandma), son-in-law (Stephen,  former Marine), and two grandsons aged 4 and 6, (plus their three dogs) have returned to their property, and their home is badly damaged, roof collapsed, through upper floor and into the living room downstairs, and the trailer (mom’s home) has now been declared a total loss by FEMA. They are sleeping on mattresses in the portion that is somewhat intact as a shelter, have water and got electricity yesterday.  It will be at least ten days before they hear from FEMA about the actual house. The extended family ran a photography business out of their home,  specialty fine-art photos on aluminum and custom frames. This is the livelihood of the entire family.  They evacuated with only a few smaller pieces of their equipment with, but most of the large equipment for the process, has been destroyed.   There are many average hardworking two-income (or more) families who live in the Keys, cost of living is quite high, many live paycheck-to-paycheck.  In this case there are 4 generations plus 3 dogs who depend on a paycheck that isn’t going to be there for who knows how many weeks to come.  Please consider helping this hard-working close-knit family.

I ask for your prayers for the family, and also ask that you pray about this endeavor to help them. That the Lord would use and bless it for their provision.



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Here is a link to one slideshow gallery on the Weeter’s “Touch of Key West” Photography Facebook Page, so you can see some of the gorgeous photos the family have done.

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See  THIS CBS News report video, part of which was filmed on Ramrod Key.