DHS Issues Nuclear Warning To Southern California

Nwo Report

DHS officials in Los Angeles are making plans for an imminent “catastrophic” nuclear attack on Southern California. 

The Los Angeles-area Joint Regional Intelligence Center issued a bulletin to local, state, and federal agencies asking them to prepare for the arrival of a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile from North Korea.

Yahoo News reports: The 16-page “Nuclear Attack Response Considerations” bulletin is dated Aug. 16 and marked for “official use only.”

The idea behind the unclassified report was to share planning and guidance with as wide a distribution as possible, according to two officials involved in responding to a nuclear strike and who received the bulletin. Many agencies are involved in responding to an attack and are often staffed with personnel without access to classified information.

DHS did not respond to requests for comment.

Much of the information in the report is based on well-known facts about the effects of…

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