Rush: Moore’s Victory Shows ‘Trumpi | The Daily Caller

I have followed Judge Moore’s career ever since the Ten Commandments Kerfuffle in 2001.  He is a fearless Christian, Constitutionalist, States Rights advocate and the folks in Alabama are very wise to have elected him.  Liberals love to hate this guy, because he stands unapologetic in his faith and convictions and isn’t afraid to stand up to the Supreme Court itself, wherever it rules counter to God’s law. As a Senator, he will be a very good ally in all that True-to-Scripture Christians and Jews hold sacred.  Marriage, sanctity of life, and so much more.  I highly admire this man, and hope that you will add him to your prayer list as he moves into this sphere of influence, that God will give him the president’s respect and his “ear” to receive advice from Moore. We need more men like him in congress. Trump will be glad that he won, even though he endorsed the opponent. Mitch McConnel needs to realize that he himself is no longer doing the people’s will, although most likely he knows and doesn’t care. It’s all become a personal battle for dominance that disregards the citizens entirely–S.T. Lloyd

Trump was ‘trying to buy appeasement with Mitch.’

Source: Rush: Moore’s Victory Shows ‘Trumpi | The Daily Caller