Hawaii Braces For Incoming Nuclear Attack From North Korea

Dear Lord, please protect the citizens of Hawaii and all our service men and women in that region and in S. Korea. Our son is at Wheeler.

Nwo Report

Citizens of Hawaii have been told to brace for an incoming nuclear attack from North Korea, as officials warn that all-out war between the U.S. and Pyongyang looks increasingly inevitable.

With Hawaii the most likely target for a nuclear strike, residents have been warned to make the same type of preparations they would normally make for a tsunami or hurricane.

State officials have told members of the public that they will have between 12-15 minutes to find safe shelter, once they hear warning sirens recently installed across the island.

Independent.co.uk reports:  Mr Ward said younger Hawaiians were likely worried because talk of fallout shelters and drills are not issues they grew up with; it’s “probably more surreal to younger generations,” he said.

However, the Washington Post reported that residents are not panicking.

Tsunami and hurricane preparation is nothing new for Hawaiians and instead of seven days of food, water, and…

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