Iran threatens to hit Saudi, Abu Dhabi and Dubai air and sea ports, ships more missiles to Yemeni Houthis – why this is HUGE!

Normally I don’t use Debkafile as a source, because accuracy in details is not a high priority for them. However, the very fact that this thing is indeed happening in Yemen with the Houthis is a huge and significant development. The Sunni Muslims are mostly in the Persian Gulf area, including Saudi Arabia and Yemen. They are on the opposite side of Islam than Iran. The two factions of Islam are building to a showdown over who controls Mecca and Medina.  The Shi’ite Houthis rose to prominance in 2013 in Yemen in wake of the Arab Spring, and they are backed and financed by Iran, making Yemen a key component (and proxy of Iran) in the struggle for control of the Arabian Peninsula of Saudi Arabia, and they are only about 400 miles from Mecca.  If the Houthis were to capture Mecca, the Saudi Regime would collapse. So this is the reason for the purge in Saudi Government in the news the past few days.  If the Houthis get near to capturing Mecca, Saudi Arabia will call in Egypt to help the Sunni’s and ISIS will come down from Iraq and Iran to aid the Houthis. This all-out war is what I believe will essentially destroy the power of Islam in the world. Opening the way for Israel to be that unwalled village, of peace and security, secure enough to sign the peace treaty. Isis intends to blow up the Black Stone at Mecca, and this all-out confrontation of Muslims killing Muslims will utterly destabilize the entire Middle East. Isis plans to blow up the oil wells, because Christianity, in their opinion, was able to dominate due to a booming economy based on oil.  If they succeed in destroying the wells, that will cause world-wide economic collapse. I imagine that the rapture could likely happen in the midst of that “sudden destruction”.


Military tensions rise in the Gulf region amid Iranian threats and supplies of extended-range missiles to the Yemeni insurgents.

Source: Iran threatens to hit Saudi, Abu Dhabi and Dubai air and sea ports, ships more missiles to Yemeni Houthis – DEBKAfile