Saudis, Iran on path to ‘very, very bloody’ war

This one would fall in the category of “war” and not “rumors of wars”. This is a major move in setting up the conditions for fulfillment of prophecy and the peace treaty.

This will lead to all-out war between the factions of Islam, but because of the de-stabilization of the entire region it will result in, Israel will necessarily be drawn into this all-out conflict. This would be the crucial time to take out the chemical weapons in Damascus!–S.T. Lloyd

While the world tries to interpret Saudi Arabia’s moves to clamp down on corruption and watches the kingdom accuse Iran of an “act of war,” a former Reagan administration Pentagon official says Saudi Arabia is gearing up for the very real possibility of a “very, very bloody” war with Iran. Within the past several days, […]

Source: Saudis, Iran on path to ‘very, very bloody’ war