Three things you should know

FACEBOOK knows about much more of your personal business than you realize, even if you never had an account with them! Read Here

Truth about the NWO and Satan’s plan, from ex-insider who knows first hand. (Video 37min)

Pope Francis himself was brought to trial in the Court International Criminal Justice out of Belgium on a few years ago for child-trafficking, pedoohelia and child murder. And convicted! Did you know this? I did not know this. Part of Pedogate that extended way beyond the U.S. and exposed it as a global coordinated operation. Guess we were all distracted by the Donald Trump vs Mainstream media/Hillary show.

I find it fascinating how God is just ripping back the curtain and expose these evils openly and “in living color” so to speak. I know Scripture says the hidden things woulld be exposed, but I always thought that referred to Judgment day. Guess the Lord is a firm advocate for comprehensive transparency!

Play nice!

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