FLA Sheriff Scot Israel’s Close Ties to CAIR: Deputy Former Head Of CAIR/FLA Hired in 2015

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

This story is so utterly bizarre; I feel like my head is spinning.

But it is FLA Sheriff, Scot Israel’s head which is most likely keeping him up at night.  And I hope that the nightmares keep him from sleeping for a very very long time.

17 people were slaughtered in a high school in Parkland, FLA.  First we read that there was an armed guard outside the school when the shooting began, but he did not go into the school – he maintained a defensive position outside.

Then we read that there were 4 more armed officers outside. They also did not enter the school after the shooting began. You will read later in this article that these officers were told not to enter the school.

How could such a thing happen?  I kept thinking that there had to be much that we didn’t know going on behind the…

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