5 thoughts on “Watch “CREEPY Voicemail Message Is “Shaking” The Internet” on YouTube

  1. I saw this. Do black boxes actually speak though? Aren’t they like a hard drive and need to be plugged in so-to-speak? It is very strange, the whole ordeal. I can’t help wondering if this isn’t a hoax. It isn’t something easily vetted or verified.

    • Actually, it has a battery that lasts about thirty days. So if it was from that black box, it would have to have been found, and yes, connected to some power source. . I suspect that video is literally someone’s effort to set the stage for the fake alien invasion or, some upcoming “official announcement of alien contact”. The data is electronic record of equipment, and the audio of the most recent couple of hours of pilot conversations. So, no, it is not an s.o.s from the Malaysian flight. That was what, a couple of years ago already?

    • Also, it might be a test of some sort, to see ihow long it takes for news of an icident with global implications, to spread across social media at present. Just another thought that came to mind.

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