The answer is the Lord Jesus Christ


took a lifeguard class in college. I have read firsthand descriptions of people who were drowning, how before they are rescued, they grew weary from the struggle, coupled with a mounting panic, and eventually begin to give up or simply can’t fight anymore and they reach a moment of resignation. They describe a sense of relief as they feel themselves lose consciousness.

I have felt that way a few times in life. It is an absolute undoubtable sign that you are in very literal and real danger of succombing, being overtaken by something.

When I don’t know how I am ever going to endure what I am facing, the answer is Jesus. When my past comes hounding me with accusations that cause me to question why I think God would hear my prayers, the answer is the blood of Jesus. When I fear what I face, wonder how I will bear it, the answer is the Holy Ghost sent by Jesus when He ascended after the resurrection!

When I feel the abject sorrow of the suffering of children, of abuse, of genoside, and when everyone left with a shred of un-seared conscience asks “Is there any hope for humanity in this increasingly dark world, I say to you, “Yes, and that hope is only in Jesus!”

When you have questions about life, about the human condition, the answers are in God’s Word. The Word became flesh and dwelt among as Jesus Christ, in this same “hopeless” world.

You have a choice. You don’t have to find somebody who can show you the way to God. Jesus is THE doorway. Call Him. Just like some of you call on spirits, like some of you call a friend, some of you call your supplier, your therapist, your drinking buddy.

Try calling out to Jesus. He will answer you, if you really mean it. He will show you the truth, clear up yor confusion, and you will discover you were blind, and that He will give you eyes to see.

You who abhor the mere name of Jesus, you who claim there is no God, or that any old god will do, or you that believe god can be whatever you choose to believe He is, or that you, yourself are god, I tell you by the authority of my Lord and King Jesus Christ Himself, the Holy and Almighty God of Abraham, you have been deceived! That is a warning!

You who turn to Lucifer, because you will not yield to your Creator, you have fallen for a lie, peddled to your rebellious heart by the father of lies. You who fancy yourself “enlightened” no longer have the sense that enables you to discern the Light of Truth because you did not like the truth when you heard it, therefore God accommodates your choice. Do not make the mistake of assuming that His doing so places you outside His reach and power.

It is appointed unto man once to die, and then judgment. By whom? The answer is Jesus.

Jesus. Is. LORD and King. My life is in Him, and my sin debt is paid in full by the shedding of His blood at Calvary.

He fed thousands, raised the dead, delivered the demon-possessed, consumed the alter of Baal. He hung the stars, formed every creature, separated the waters, invented and programmed DNA, and He grants your every breath, on a breath-by-breath basis. He causes your heart to beat, and can stop it any time He sees fit, so watch yourself!

He is angry with the wicked every day. Do not mistake His restraint as impotence nor patience for indifference. The rebellious and idoliters, the lawless, store up the wrath of God against themselves day by day and it will be poured out in a deluge very soon.

If you are guilty and know you need a Savior, His grace is sufficient to extend that salvation to you. Believe His statement that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me”.

You say you are free to choose your own beliefs. That you are! But Jesus said “there is a way that seems right to man, but the end thereof is death”.

He also said, “He that believes on Me has everlasting life, but he that doesn’t, is condemned already”. Believing in, is to merely believe that something exists. Believing on, means to place trust upon a person or thing. You can believe in airplane pilots, but you don’t place faith in the pilot until you take yourself onto the plane, and allow the pilot to deliver you from point A to point B.

Where do you stand, in relation to your maker?

Sinfulness creates a rift between us and God. Jesus is the bridge. But if you don’t ever use the bridge, you obviously will remain separated from your Creator.

For those who think they don’t need to use the one bridge God gave you, because you don’t “need” God, or forgiveness, or redemption, you are proud. You think that you yourself or your puny god can defeat The One True God, and you have made a grave and lethal miscalculation. You will have no excuse on the day of judgment.

The gates of Hell WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, of which I am a part, and you can be, too. If willing. Take a look around. If you do not see that this world, and all humanity with it, is in trouble, you are deluded, or drugged, or willfully ignorant!

You live in a world where there is a lunatic contingent who intend to make it illegal to call a man “he, or him”, despite the fact every cell in that person’s body proves otherwise.

You live in a world where children are a commodity in the sex industry, where whites are slaughtered in Africa, blacks are slaughtered in America, babies are slaughtered in the womb, their genetic material sold to labs for the purpose of altering the human race, police send a fully armored, locked and loaded SWAT team to serve a warrant for a fifty dollar drug sale,burn babies with flash-bang grenades, and shoot anything that moves, and where good cops are ambushed and killed sitting in their car finishing up paperwork in anticipation of clocking out alive and making it home to their family one more day. Lunacy abounds.

America is totally vulnerable to EMP attack, America, Iran, Russia and Israel are millimeters away from heightening war in the Middle East, and scripture tells us what will follow.

A false “savior” is coming. And if you don’t have the real one, you will have no defense or protection and no hope. If you recognize the truth you have read here, there is hope for you, but your chance to choose Jesus is going to end soon. You know it is true, yet you cling to a doomed and self-destructing world and way of life. Why? There is no hope for this world. You think you are on the unsinkable ship, but it is the Titanic. Here is your lifeboat. You in or out?