NRB Renews Call for Internet Censorship Hearings After Zuckerberg Appearances –

Whaaaat? NO that is NOT the answer!!! Governmemnt is not your mama, people!!!

“Waah, Facebook blocked me, waaah Youtube de-monitized me. Make him stoooop!”

Come out of the world’s system. Get off their playing field. Giving the Nanny more say so will cut both ways.

I am a conservative Christian woman, and I have a question for you. How many businessmen as wealthy and successful as MZ, would willingly subject himself the way he has, and politely, with restraint, do his best to answer such an absolute bombardment for hours on end as he has done. He is not an elected official. He is a private citizen.

He did’t send a lackey. He sat there and endured it. Frankly, the way he conducted himself raised my level of respect for him.

Would pre-sainthood Donald Trump have sat for that? Pa-leeez!

I am a Trump supporter as far as it goes, (certainly not 100%) and I realize Zuckerburgs proof is yet to be in the proverbial pudding, but is there any such thing as giving someone a chance anymore? He is head of a huge business. No CEO or director of a monstrosity that massive, is going to know every thing happening within the company in every department every day. He is not God, nor do I think he has delusions nor desire of being so.

I know he gets a lot of flack for being an android or Vulcan or what have you, heck maybe he is Aspergian, sheesh, but if he is, well, there is a point in favor of the assertion of many Aspergians, that they are the superiors of the human race, and its we Neurotypicals that have “degenerated”.

Lay off the guy! Congress relishes any opportunity to try and prove they actually give a rip, and he is an ideal candidate for them to administer a comeuppance. Fine thing, considering he is richer than all of them combined, (don’t that just frost their cookies?) and many IQ points smarter, they are mostly impotent relics on their way out, and the Z is just getting started!

I gotta call foul on the conservatives on this one. Very unsportsmanlike behavior. The sheen of their “concern” was surpassed only by the indignation of their “righteousness”

I am not among Mr. Zuckerberg’s adoring fans. But seriously, could we dispense with the farce that congress are the noble ones here, and that they are merely concerned for the privacy of their constituents? If facebook knows as much as they are convinced Facebook knows, I can just imagine how terrified they all are of what Facebook knows about each of them.

As for NRB, why don’t you build a faith based platform where you can make your own conservative rules rather than appealing to the wicked witch to sic the flyingbluemonkies on Mark Zuckerberg and all of his kin.

Frankly I thought it rather gracious of him not to point that out to the concerned congressfolk.