Chimera news

When reading some of the prophetic scriptures, people throughout history no doubt wondered about the strange hybrid creatures described, such as the scorpions of Revelation 9.

This morning on Drudge, we see a grainy photo of what looks to be a part human, part jackle. This one seems pretty hoaxy to me, but how about the next one?

Is this real or CGI(computer-generated imagery)?

I would love to say none of this kind of thing is really happening, but we know it is.

The idea of minitaurs, pegasis, dragons, and centaurs had to have come from somewhere. Every culture has had legends of these things throughout the ages.

This world is getting creepy. Things not human, creatures the likes of which were not found on Noah’s ark.

Unfortunately, whatever boundaries previously keeping man and hybrid beasts separated, seems to be dissolving.

It did not start out this way. In Genesis, God created animals, man, even flora, to reproduce after it’s own kind, and in Genesis 9, 1-2, after the worldwide flood, God told Noah that the fear and dread of man would be upon every beast.

II Timothy 4:1-13 tells us about other ways in which the world (mankind itself in this case) will descend into dis-order at the time leading up to the tribulation.

Man is messing with God’s perfect design and just like the Tower of Babel incident, it will not end well. God indicates that when the whole world can communicate all knowledge to one another in one language (present day that language is the binary language of computers) that nothing will be impossible for man, that he can imagine to do(Gen11:6).We are there again, and again, God is about to step in.

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