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Most regular visitors of this blog know that the number of posts that go up on this blog any given day,week, or month, can vary a lot.

Those of you in my age range (53), do you notice that our parents and grandparents were much heartier than our generation?

The genetic modification of our food, the level of pollution, the consolidation and automation of agriculture, the massive amount of chemicals used in crops as well as livestock, all of that toxicity has been having impact on us from early childhood. People in their thirties were exposed before birth, and younger than that, the very DNA that you are based upon, already was damaged.

My parents got significant exposure, but mostly only in the latter half of life, so they may have lived equally as long as their parents, but their last 20-some were likely plagued with illness.

My generation, a lot of us hit that decline in wellness starting as early as in their 30’s to 40’s. Life expectancy is going back down.

For a Christian, it should be recognized that sin plays a big role in this. Illness us just death-in-slow-motion. Stress, violence, drug culture, the less we as a world acknowledge and obey our Maker, the greater latitude we afford to the one who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.

My heart breaks for the young adults of today. Those already in their thirties, that age when you finally start to understand things your parents tried to warn you about, are the next “elders” in the sense of capability to mentor, influence and inform those that follow for whatever amount of time is left.

I have long grieved for the state of the churches. That famine of the teaching of the Word God spoke of, has been in force for a good 40 years already, and so many of us didn’t get enough discipleship to even recognize what was happening right under our noses.

I started a campaign of prayer for the church, in my personal quiet times with tbe Lord, and knowing that so many of the true sheep were hearing the voice of the Good shepherd, and had to leave their churches due to apostasy, that many are without a church home, at the very time God emphasized that assembling together not be forsaken.

A friend (MM) told me about a YouTube channel a few days ago, that I should check out, and I have now spent several hours watching, because the couple whom the channel is done by, represent answered prayer, as far as I am concerned.

Prayer is supposed to be persistent. I am convinced that is why the Lord does not answer right away, and sometimes takes years to do so. Prayer is supposed to be earnest. But our attention spans and patience are woefully truncated in our microwave-instant-gratification-30 second-sound bite world.

Not to heap occolades on this couple and their ministry, which it is clear would run counter to what they and their channel are about, but the sincere love, awe, and joy of the Lord shines out in every single video.

I didn’t pray for affluent churches. I didn’t pray for the church to go out and conquer the world. My prayer was that the church would learn to pray again, that pastors would be the first ones to fall on the alter, forgetting programs, numbers, attracting and appealing to the lost by gimmicks and shiny worldly means, and give place to the Holy Spirit to be in charge once again.

I count myself as more a contributor to the problem, than part of the solution for many years. I let my own disappointments with pastors and churches defeat me often. I do know that we are the church, and if the church is ailing, we all are going to answer for it. I have to say that this new (to me) channel is speaking to dry desert places in my own faith walk, and convicting me of becoming weary in well doing.

Then again, this race is a relay. We do pass the baton to the next generations, though retirement is not an option, maybe our role becomes mentoring individuals, or prayer, or encouraging those on the front line.

So with that, I am happy to share a link to this YouTube channel that is a living testament to our Savior and His ability to create in each of us a new creature, when we are placed into and hidden in Christ. Watching a “baby Christian” discover it all for the first time is much like the experience of parenthood, in that we get to experience everything as new and delightful and exciting all over again through their eyes and unjaded hearts.

Share the link with everyone you know, and especially young people. They have so few examples to look to these days.

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  1. I’ve been watching James and Lea for a few months now and have been blessed by them. Do you for a fact know they are husband and wife? I assume they are, but I can’t help but wonder if maybe they aren’t twins. I mean, they look like they could be and they even have the same mannerisms. Anyway…:)

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