The sorrow is crushing

Today, I read one more story about a baby in hospital, whom the state chose to kill, and another article about a music star mysteriously dead after vowing to expose a pedophile ring that extends to the highest levels of his government, and it is not the U. S.

Is it any wonder why the world will embrace a false Christ promising to end suffering and danger?

Any human with a shred of conscience and concern for others, is certainly aware of the heaviness of pure evil that blankets the Earth now.

Death is all around us. Creeping over us. Coming for you, your loved ones.

You think you have no enemy? Or you think your boss, your competition, your ex-spouse is your enemy. But the enemy is none of those.

This world came under a curse the very first time someone defied Almighty God. And every soul ever born lies under that curse, and from the moment you recognize good from evil, you become accountable for which of them you choose. I am not talking about making a decision to be a good person.

I am talking about the fact that there is an Almighty God who created you and everything in this world, and the fact you know that is true, even if you try to deny it. All of nature testifies to that fact.

God is 100% holy, pure, and perfect. He requires the same of us, but we have a conundrum in that we are not capable of even conceiving of such perfection, much less achieving it.

Even the most hardened criminal has some definition of something that qualifies as evil. Throw a pedophile in general population and see what happens.

So whose idea of right and wrong is the one that is correct?

One thing cannot be some other thing.

If one believes harming a child is evil, while believing murdering an adult is jusifiable, who will judge which position will prevail? What universal standard can be found on which to base a judgment of guilt for such an obviously unjust act as killing a helpless child?

How can the same person who proclaims everyone has their own “truth”, rage at a Christian who disagrees with them on the definition of marriage, when doing so contradicts what they themselves so vehemently claim? And why do they not see the contradiction?

Thus is the absurdity of the state of this world we live in now.

They don’t see the contradiction, because their compass is not calibrated to “true north”, so to speak.

Land navigation, geocaching, flying a plane, or steering a barge, from point a to b, cannot happen in the absence of absolute and immutable reference points.

Rejecting the absolute truth of God, choosing to believe He either does not exist, or is not all that He says He is, is setting your compass to something other than true north, but while expecting your coordinates to still be accurate and get you where you want to go. You will end up somewhere, but despite your absolute conviction that you are going the right way, you will not end up where you thought you were going.

There is a God, one God, who is all-mighty, all-wise, and whether you believe in Him or not, and whether you believe you will ever answer to him or not, the fact is, he has the power to stop your heart, withdraw the breath from your body, and cast your soul into hell, and there is not one thing you can do, not another being in the universe you can call on to save or defend you and stop Him.

There is one appeal that has influence with God. That is the blood of Jesus.

Jesus can plead on your behalf. Because He got up on the whipping block and took the penalty for your sin. He took your death so you could avoid it.

God says you are a sinner. Because He gave His law and told us the law is one law, even though we think of them separately as the ten commandments. He says that to break one is to break the whole law and guilty of all.

You may call upon your “god of choice” but the Almighty God has the power to obliterate those others, whatever name you call them by. And He has declared that He will do so. On that day, where will you run? Who will you hide behind?

When masses of people disappear suddenly, and some “governmental authority” explains it away by telling the world that some more evolved life form from another galaxy, took them away because they were the ones preventing the rest of you from the next phase of your own evolution, you will remember what you just read.

When world war, nuclear war, breaks out do you think your government is going to look out for you?

When a loaf of bread costs as much as you used to earn in one week, will your government, which has no qualms about raping babies and killing anyone who tries to stop them, will your government feed you?

When earthquakes become so frequent and simultaneous that no nation or state is uneffected, where will those good hearted folks who always show up to help, where will they come from? They will be trapped where they are, fighting for their own survival.

You may change your position on guns when it is every man for himself, and a safe space is nowhere to be found.

It will happen.

I may be arrested, imprisoned for trying to warn you before then. Along with many others of we holdovers, silly annoying crazy Christians. You may be the one who makes it happen, thinking you do society a favor.

Why would I say that? Well, because the Bible says that will happen. It is already happening and has been for centuries somewhere on the globe.

What is your foundation?

Diseases we once had practically eradicated are overtaking parts of the world, and new untreatable strains of bacteria are now a reality which no antibiotic can kill.

God has warned the world that although He is patient so that all will have the opportunity to receive Him, His wrath is collecting day by day toward the wickedness of those who will not bow to Him, and you are not going to be concerned with, or comforted by the “so much worse sins” of the other guy when that happens.

If you believe everyone goes to heaven, you are believing a lie.

If you believe religion will save you, you are operating under a delusion. If you prayed a “sinners prayer” and it did not change your life or heart, and you don’t really a knowledge His authority with obedience, you will hear “depart, I never knew you” and be sent to hell when you expected to get into heaven.

If you think God chuckles at your sin like an indulgent parent who thinks their kid does no wrong, you are woefully mistaken.

If you celebrate what God calls evil, thumbing your nose at Him based on your own feelings and preferences, you are going to find out how mistaken you are, and it will happen sooner than you ever could imagine. One moment you will be glibly and proudly reveling in your perceived freedom to sin, believing the God I am going on about, cannot reach you. But how painful and terrifying the set moment of your judgment before Him when it comes. You will not speak then, nor will you laugh, you may turn looking for your compatriots, the ones you are “looking forward to sharing hell with” but they will have been struck mute and immobile on their faces in the Presence of God. Hell is no party. It is no freedom, and no comfort and no companionship and for. ev. ver!

It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment. All we like sheep have gone astray, and hath turned every one to his own way, but the Lord hath laid on Him,(Christ), the iniquity of us all. He that believeth on the Son hath life, but he that believeth not, is condemned already.

Pride goeth before destruction. It grates on you, the mere suggestion there is anyone you should obey, bow down to, or submit to. I warn you, get over that.

God is.

Don’t take His patience for complacence. Don’t let the fact He does not immediately strike dead wrongdoers, lead you to believe He can’t or won’t. He has His own schedule, and court docket.

He would rather see you repent than suffer, but what else could a just God do for a guilty man or woman for which he already paid the cost? All you have to do is admit you are a sinner, have violated God’s laws, and humbly ask that the blood of Jesus be applied to your guilt. When you do that, the purity and sinless perfection of Christ gets applied to your record, and your debt for sin, is already taken care of at no cost to you except to humbly admit your sin nature, and need of a Savior.

If someone bought you a ticket to the best concert of the century, and notified you that it is reserved for you, and all you have to do is come and receive it, would you blow off such an opportunity? Would you let your pride keep you from a chance of a lifetime just because you couldn’t buy your own ticket? People don’t hesitate to act every kind of foolish when it comes to music stars, favorite teams, and even their dogs!

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.

God extends the promise of salvation if we will only believe His offer and His power anbn d authority to grant it.

Choosing to put your faith in His promises, is how you receive them.

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:1).

Read His promises for yourself.

  • Romans 3:23
  • Hebrews 9:27
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  • Romans 10:9 &1John 3:16
  • Isaiah 53: 5&6
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