Diamond and Silk in 2020

I did not tune in to the Diamond and Silk testimony before the congressional committee, though I had confidence the sisters would give as good as they got, and that it would be gratifying to watch. So I checked out the highlights this morning, and of course they did not disappoint.

The arrogance particularly of the black congressmen, Hakeem and Johnson and of Sheila Jackson Lee, was astounding, yet Ms. Hardaway and Ms. Richardson were unintimidated and undeterred.

These “civil servants” clearly believe they are so important that Diamond and Silk ought to be licking their boots while trembling in their own. It eats them up knowing that not every African American in the nation is falling for their dog and pony show, and instead some are actually outing them for the liars and cheaters and most of all hypocrites that they are. (White, black, Democrat and Republican)

I just love these two ladies, and I’d like to suggest locking Zuckerberg himself in a room with them for thirty minutes, and letting them work it out amongst themselves. Meanwhile congress could get back to their noble work of accomplishing absolutely nothing, unmolested by pesky purveyors of logic and common sense.

Look out world! The swamp can’t handle that much fresh air!!

More power to you sisters!