2 thoughts on “Will There be peace in Israel? Live event, Amir

  1. Hi Sandee! Thank you for all your posts! You are an inspiration to me ❤ I am so thankful for Amir s updates. When he visits So.Cal. i see him in person. I love Amir, JD Farag, Jan Markell, Messianic rabbi Zev Porat, Pastor Charlie garret (The Superior Word), J. Haller (Fellowship Bible Chapel), Pastors Barry Stagner & Mike Mcintosh (on hischannel thurs. updates), Pastor Thomas Hughes (on hischannel_Hope for our times), Pastor Andy Woods, & Pastor Charles lawson just to name a few : )
    In the days that we are living, i need all the encouragement i can get and these Pastors shoot adrenaline into my soul : ) If there s a reason to hold ever more tightly to the One who is faithful is now. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and your family as you serve Him in the waiting ❤ o/

    • Those are all good pastors, I agree, and I pray for the Lord to protect them all because there are very few left that are solid and preaching to the present time in human history, and addressing things unique to this generation. Thanks for your comment. Exciting times!

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