Believe it!

A student in the Texas school shooting told her mom 2 weeks prior to the event, that Dimitros Pagortzis had informed her he was going to kill her.He had pursued dating her, and been declined. Shana Fisher was 16 years old.

A 10-year veteran of the NYPD got married Sunday. He also died Sunday night, less than a mile from the venue. It was a first and long anticipated marriage for the bride, second for him. A fellow officer took him joyriding in a Maserati, there in the Catskills. Reports indicate they exceeded the speed limit, lost traction on a curve, hit a tree, flew a hundred feet landing upside down. The groom and friend were not buckled in, and it is unknown at this time whether alcohol was a factor. The widow is an RN. Both officers were highly regarded in their community, as is the widow.
Condoms are heretofore to be mandatorily distributed at the boy scout jamboree. An event that is, mostly still male. But that’s ok, right? Since the pope has proclaimed homosexuality is natural.

US soldiers to serve as test subjects for implantable health monitors. Coming soon!

70 year old woman in retirement community busted for harvesting ricin, and experimentally feeding it to neighbors, as precursor to use for her own demise. Apparently there have been a spate of similar elderly/ricin cases in past 7 years. 4 men in that age bracket were arrested for growing it for use in militia activity. Its sorta the “hemlock” of the 19-20th century. I forget which serial killer also used it. It has been outlawed in America for at least 50 years if I recall correctly.

Bitcoin/blockchain. I posted earlier today about it.

If you have any lingering doubt of the level of blasphemy currently filling the cup of wrath God has for this nation, look up a thing called “Jesuscoin”. It is satire. But sadly, it accurately portrays the state of the church. If Jesus was angry at the money changers fleecing the flock on the sidewalk in front of the Temple, then this ages prosperity preachers, and seed offering beggars, had better repent and soon.

We live in an age of grace right now.

Imagine the shock of Joyce Myer, Bishop Jakes, Joel Osteen, and so many more, when wrath falls.

If you are not concerned about the seriously precarious times we live in you are either ignorant, or you are a whole counsel Bible-knowing Christian who dousn’t avoid the book of Revelation, and the other 25% of tj.g e Bible that pertains specifically to the time we are living in.

You probably were taught you evolved from nothing.

You probably would never call abortion evil. You would quickly say their actions are evil, but be very reluctant to say the school shooters themselves are evil, and you laugh at the notion the devil is anything other than a dairy tale invented to scare folks.

You re wrong on every count.

Oh, I can definitely understand if you “tried church and were let down”. I understand it in the way not all policemen are corrupt, and not all white folks are racist.

I bet you went to public school, listen to country, or rap, or acid rock, or maybe “meditation” tapes. Maybe yoga is your thing.

Imagine, if you will, for just a moment, that there is a being second in power, knowledge and beauty second only to God.

Don’t you find it is the most fortunate ones among us who are the most self-obsessed?

Lucifer had it all.

Except the top spot.

Which he vowed to take for himself.

When I was a kid, my older brother made me so mad sometimes. If he hit me, all he had to do was put his hand on my head and keep me at arms length, to make it impossible to hit him back.

That’s a crude illustration of how Satan’s power measures up to God’s.

But he is still bigger than any other being in existence other than God.

Satan is described as a dragon, as a serpent. Other than a few nerds, for most folks, beauty is not a word associated with reptiles.

Lucifer is at least as old as the Earth itself. Because he witnessed with all the angels, as God created man and woman. In God’s own image.

Satan is jealous because God has offered man to inherit His kingdom, sharing it with Jesus.

He is devious, and powerful, not a good combination. He invented the theory of Evolution. He convinced women that being homemakers was beneath them, and no man has any such position as being a “head or covering over her”. He convinced you that a fetus is not a human being. He invented television programming, for the purpose of…..wait for it……programming minds.

There are very few who will believe any of this right now. But step back. Look at this world.

The Bible refers to born again believers, followers of the teachings of Christ, as salt and light.

Salt is the most common preservative in the world.

Where do mold and bacteria grow best?

Damp, moist places. Salt draws out moisture, light eradicates darkness.

The Bible says a time will come when Christians leave this Earth. And the most horrific period in world history will ensue.

It is called the tribulation. AKA the apacolypse.

Word has it, most of the world is going to die in that period of approximately 7 years.

Intrestingly, the elites and agenda 2030 call for that very development.

Word has it, (God’sWord) that an economic collapse will do away with all paper cash, and a form of currency that functions by a mark in the right hand or forehead will be required for any transaction.

You have heard it before.

Ten nation coalition. One world government. 666 Antichrist.

No doubt you have heard conflicting accounts of how it will play out.

Did I mention the Bible predicted chaos and confusion would characterise the period just prior to the tribulation?

Nobody could possibly take that stuff seriously, right?

Scripture predicted that would be your reaction.

Thing is, satan wants you to believe there are many alternate but equally valid “truths”.

Seriously? You don’t see how that iui s impossible, what with all.j the conflict and contradictions?

Isn’t that why you gave up on Christianity to start with, because nobody seems to know “the truth”?

Doesn’t that indicate somewhere inside you know there is either one truth or no truth at all?

And, what do you know? Jesus said I am the truth, no man cometh to the Father but by me”, and He said GOD’S Word is truth.

If you read this, I am afraid I have some bad news for you. The gospel, you see, is very much like a subpoena or summons to appear in court. Once it is served, you are under legal obligation to respond. Failure to appear respond, means automatic charges against you.

The Judge is God. Who will you hire for counsel?

Just pretend. Humor me. Pretend you do believe in God.

When you appear in court, and you will be taken into custody if you have failed to respond to this subpoena called the Gospel, what will you say? You want to avoid hell anbn d go to heaven if they are real, right? And that’s the hypothetical scenario we are practicing in this exercise, so what will you say for yourself before this judge?

You tried to be a good person?

You never killed people like that nutcase school shooter?

What will God say or ask?

If Heaven means innocent and guilty means hell, those are the only options.

Lets say God says, “okay, you want in? Tell me why I should let you in”

God has laws, you know? You have heard of the ten comnandments?

Did you ever lie?

Ever steal? Just a paper clip, your sister’s m&m’s?

Lust, you ever seen a hot guy/gal and gotten certain tjoughts, and savored those thoughts? That is lust, but in God’s definition it is the same as adultry.

That’s 3, how are you doing so far?

Innocent? No? Me neither.

If not innocemb t that means we must be…….guilty?

Let me make this easy.

What people fail to understand is that we have all violated God’s law.

What they also understand is that although God has a very strict definition of sin, He also has a very compassionate and merciful heart, and is perfecctly just. Our acts of sin (and the number or severity of them is moot) are not what keep us out of heaven.

If that were the criteria none of us would make the cut.

God provided a way to clear every person’s criminal record.

It literally is free to us, but extremely costly to Him.

Jesus who is eternal and infinitely sinless, took the punishment already for your sins.

And mine, and everyone else’s.

He extends an invitation in that subpoena He served you just now. But many will arrogantly refuse to receive the subpoena for it’s indightment of guilt. In so doing, they miss out on that invitation.

Lets pretend we are on the Price is Right. Would you like to see what it s the value of that option you passed over?

I am alook ways amazed when people who totally trust a television game show to come through with the goods, say salvation by faith in Christ is ” too good to be true”.

All you have to do is admit you are guilty of breaking God’s law, and admit to yourself, you don’t know how to avoid hell and gain entry to heaven, in other words, clear your own record.

You have to accept God is in charge, He has every power to put you in hell.

Then you have to actually look at this gospel I just handed you. I mean, truly and honestly, in the privacy and intimacy of your own heart, consider it.

Maybe it is all true.

Well, one last point and that is this: to believe, as in giving intellectual assent that something is factual, that is not the belief God is looking for.

Believing in that sense, even Satan knows these things are true.

An old circus guy whose family were performers with Ringling for generations, misses the life. He still wants to perform, so he gets all the necessary permits, and sets up a “high wire” between two tall buildings, without a net.

Lunch hour on the square, he stages his feat. A crowd quickly gathers in fascination that only risk of sudden death can stir in people. He bantors with the spectators as he waits for more to gather. “Who wants to see me do this walk?”

Cheers and enthusiasm ensue.

Seeing the crowd are all engaged, he begins a walk he has done a thousand times. He throws in a wobble or two, arms swinging roter-like complete with gasps from below, and successfully reaches the other side.

He disappears for a moment, into the window at the other end, and comes back out with a chair he places on his own shoulders, and a lovely assistant who proceeds to climb onto it.

“What do you say?”, he shouts. ” shall I try it?”

Chants of “yes, yes, yes”.

“Easy peasy”, he boasts on the other side.

His assistant slips gracefully through the window while the old showman waits for the applause to subside.

He flaps his hand and shushes the crowd into silence.

A boxy shadow appears at the window. He turns and pulls out a wheel barrow. And puts it on the rope in front.

“You have seen me cross safely twice. I have been at this since I was five years old. Who believes I can make it across with a person or maybe two in my wheelbarrow?

The crowd goes wild!


He motions for silence once again.

“Ok, then, who will volunteer to ride?”

“No takers?I thought you guys believed in me!”

Finally, a little ten year old boy, who didn’t comprehend what it was he was risking, said “I will do it!”.

His brave father, who had a firm policy of teaching boys to become brave men, gave him permission. (Moms, this is why we don’t leave dad in charge of the kids).

The kid goes up, climbs aboard, and has the ride of his little ten year old life!

And that is the moral of this story. God does not condemn you for sin. We are condemned already, by the truth of His law.

He sacrificed His own son. Jesus took your place. He is the only advocate you can appeal to because He was both fully sinless God, and fully sinless man.

Don’t know that for sure? Only way to find out is to get in the wheelbarrow!

The Bible says faith without works is a dead faith. In 2 Timothy, is a verse that says “show me thy faith without works, and I will show w you my faith by my works. In other words, works don’t save. If the proud law keeping Jew, who asserts that you don’t have to wonder if he is faithful, his record of all of the laws he does keep, speak for themselves, but Paul is saying, He is as sure of His salvation, even if he never did keep the law or do other righteous work. He indeed works for the gospel noemw, because he understands He has been granted pardon, and He is so grateful, he absolutely delights in serveing.

By grace are ye saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, lest any man should boast.

We can all agree the faith of that kid was a whole different kind than the faith of the other onlookers. Because only one was willing to test the assertion.

Have you tested God’s promises, tried them on, checked it out for ypurself? Have a Bible? Do you read it? Study it?

Once you have saving faith, the kind that rests in the work of Christ alone, you will want and need more faith to get better understanding. Faith comes by hearing the Word. The more you spend time in it, the more your faith grows, and my friend, you are going to need faith to endure the days ahead.

Look around! Something is brewing. The planet knows it, the animals know it, even the corrupt politicians and elites are scrambling.

Jesus is your only safety!