Royal wedding’s “It’s all about love” preacher set to reclaim Jesus from Trump heresy.

Watching the Royal Wedding was not on my to-do list, but right before bedtime Sunday night, I watched it, clicking past music and shots of celebrities, but I did hear the “sermon” of Bishop Curry. I was curious how the British Royalty and elites would react to his highly animated style. Lots of stifled giggles, perhaps not all malevolent, (insert eye roll here), I mean, the upper crust would never stoop to a public display, but I would like to have been a fly on the wall in their cars and coaches on route to the reception.

His speech, was the epitome of the sort of fare one would expect to appeal to a world where wars and rumors of wars, hate, and violence have just gotten way out of hand. People weary of conflict and just wanting peace and safety. Yes, that speech, er sermon, was premonitory, meant to give the kind of hope needed to overcome the very conditions scripture predicted for the times we now live in. And his audiaence? Millions. Worldwide.

Oh, and, “Love yourself, while you’re at it”.

The other two clergy, well, read about them in the link below.