Watch “CBS is Doing a ‘Hit Piece’ on Me for THIS Video….” story out of Colorado

Wow. Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore!!!

I commend this Christian Youtuber for her zeal and loyalty to the Lord. I watched these vids in the same reverse order that I have them in. So at first, I could really feel and concur with her indignation.

But being able to consider all of it objectively as I have neither a food truck business nor a you tube channel at stake, I would encourage the Christian in this scenario, to remember what Jesus did  do, or rather say, on the cross. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

She voiced her complaint to employees, not the owner. She made a mistake, in who she stated the the owner currently is, and “outed” her publicly. Now she is on the defense. Jesus doesn’t need us to defend Him. He already has a plan for those who reject redemption, but the individuals in this situation who are not believers, now have yet another excuse not to look into becoming one.

I am a bit of a hot head, emotional reactor myself. I understand how the youtuber feels, but she is digging a hole deeper. Having said that, local news relished sticking it to a Christian. Get used to it. That is how it is now.