All gunked up


I remember going to a museum once, one of those with more of a carnival-like vibe, at the beach.

I was not too impressed by the exhibits, but one thing I remember was a colorful 8″x 4″x4″ “pillar” that was composed of paint.

The person who made it, started with a thin piece of wood about the size of a tile beverage coaster, and applied one paint layer every day for something like 7 years.

I was impressed by the fact someone would do something that consistently, for that long, especially something so trivial. But I do admire persistence.

Perhaps it was an object lesson meant to demonstrate the principle “little things add up”.

These days, you would be hard pressed to find anyone with that much patience. I know I don’t have it. I would want to rush it. Two, maybe 3 or 4 coats a day, and maybe still a little tacky to the touch.

That is a demonstration of how to create a gunked up mess.

As a Christian in my fifties, I feel a little like that pillar of paint. Layer after layer of residue for every year I have lived. I guess Satan has plenty of patience.

I wish it could be just chiseled off. Maybe that’s the purpose of a revival.

Or, maybe that is why we are supposed to wash daily with the cleansing water of the Word. If we don’t we will get bogged down.

Life is so hectic and chaotic, we forget to eat.

But imagine how cool an end product one might have if they were to carve something out of that block of solid paint.

My hope is in the master craftsman. I can’t fix the gunked up messes I make. Sometimes, I just gotta surrender. Let someone have a go at it, that actually knows what He is doing.