Are You Ready To Go?

Unsaved people, and many uninformed believers as well, are worn down by the conditions of life in the 21’st century. We all need hope.

Want to help wake the sleepers and point those who are interested in understanding the times in which we now live? Do you see people headed for disaster around you and aren’t great at initiating conversation but just want to warn them? We each will be accountable for those we could have warned and did’t.

Here is a simple thing you can do.

Not asking for money, just a little time, a few seconds here and there in the course of your day to enable others to be informed.

These “calling cards” a.k.a. ” business” cards with the Serve Him In The Waiting web address are available for free.

Use the Contact S.T. Lloyd form and send me an address to mail to, and I will mail out some cards for you to distribute. I promise not use your address for any other purpose.

We are in the home stretch, and it should be “all hands on deck” time for every believer for spreading the gospel, and equipping, encouraging, and informing fellow believers. The trigger for our catching-away is when the last person in this age of grace who is willing to be saved, gets born again. Lets find them!

Anyone who still pays bills by envelope and stamp, can drop a card or tract in with it. Anyone who goes to doctors, can leave one in a magazine or on a side table, tuck one into your library book when you return it.


Bench in the mall?



A shoe in Walmart?

Where is the strangest place you ever left a tract?

A market bulletin board, church bulletin board, the card slot at a gas station, with your waitress or hairdresser, barber, garbage collector. Busy folks who travel in their jobs, can leave them in airports, hotels, anywhere someone might pick them up.

Not everyone feels confident to strike up a conversation about God, church, Bible Prophecy, but can still contribute to spreading the gospel in small ways like this. is a resource that strives to point people to other reliable sources of up to the minute propecy-related news and truth on scripture.

I am neither preacher, nor speaker, but I am a prolific reader and an okay writer. Whether you have only your “widows mite” to give , or have more giving options, anybody can do this.

Thanks, ya’ll!



7 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Go?

  1. Thank you so much for sending me your tracks,I just handed the last one out today at the nursing home where my mom is in hospice care. I went around my usual spots in our town of Vista and Oceanside California and talked with so many wonderful people about the coming of our Lord Jesus and handed each person your card. What a true blessing for only one person shewed me away. This morning the sweet and kind nurse who takes care of my mom was the last soul to receive your card with a promise to check out your blog for she too is a believer in Jesus Christ and His true word. God bless and keep you and thank you for sending them to me, it truly has been rewarding. In His mighty name of YASHUA JESUS CHRIST our REDEEMER,
    Shannon Brown.

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