Breaking a relatively long silence

This blog runs slightly different from most others that share the same focus. I write when the Lord brings something to my attention, and pours the narrative into my mind. It is not a voice. It just utilizes my  mind and history , andwhat I have witnessed, what I have learned, and comes to me without effort. I can’t force it. There have been times, I would try to produce a post based  on my observations and human logic, but there would be a struggle, too much trying to “make it happen”. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to realize, as writing is a lot like a pump that has to be primed. But I have written entire posts that I knew when it was done, were not approved for publishing. And just deleted them. I feel no disappointment because I see that it was my thoughts, not His. Most times I know it after only a couple of paragraphs in.

So for a while now, I have posted only videos, mostly updates consisting of research and observations of trusted, widely known Christians with prophecy/watchman ministries.

Doing things our way, in ways that make sense in flesh terms, getting ahead of the Lord, we all do it, and most of us do it a lot. But when the Lord is in charge, a person can tell. People may read things written by me, and wonder at how I can “put things into words” or create word pictures. But when something I write resonates, I know it is because the Holy Spirit in me, who knows the mind of the ones the article will resonate with,  is giving it to me, and knows who needs to hear it. I can honestly say that I don’t give any thought of who or how many will read it. It could be for one person. That is God’s business. My role is to recognize and obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Having said all of that, I do not know whether the Lord will give me more to write tomorrow, or next week, but He is today. I get the sense that we have just passed a new, significant threshold in unfolding prophetic events.

I can’t point to a particular signpost. It is more a general knowing conveyed by the Holy Spirit.

For the most part, all of 2017 to present, has consisted of a stunned Body, watching the global population lose its collective sanity.

Will there be indictments coming out of “Russia-collusion-gate? I was skeptical in the beginning. But now I think it really may happen. God shined a light on the epidemic of pedophilia that has metastasized throughout government, the Catholic church, and society. Non-Catholic churches are not immune. And I would not be surprised if that were to be the next big reveal. There already are known cases, but the spread could be much greater than we think. This did not happen because of Donald Trump. It happened because God said before it is all over, there is nothing that is hidden which will not be revealed.

Will court trials, prison terms, Military Tribunals and Politicians actually being locked up in Gitmo  mean the present administration is righteous? Of course not! God has certainly used asses and prostitutes, criminals and reprobates to accomplish His will before!

It is an understatement to say that it is mind-boggling to watch it all unfold.

When the hammer of old fashioned  “American Justice” falls, a satanic rage will ensue. If you thought Antifa, Maxine Waters, and the LGBT Gestapo were criminally insane, wait until their heroes fall!  You think the drinking of blood and eating of human flesh is just some sick joke someone in Hollywood came up with? The life is in the blood, Holy Scripture tells us. Life is a force. And satan’s high ranking agents partake. How do you explain Stephen Hawking living nearly 30 years with a condition that kills most of it’s victims within 7 years?

We have certainly learned that witchcraft is not the benign and humorous stuff portrayed in Bewitched, I Dream of Genie, or the slightly  more recent Pokimon and Avatar. With Harry Potter, they got a little more true to the actual practices, but of course, cast them still as something good and to be desired.

Satan is like that contractor you hired to build an addition to your home. He comes full of “sincerity” and will commiserate with you about how outrageous the other guy’s prices are.  He knows that you know it could be done cheaper, that his competitor inflates the price of materials, and stretches out the project,  conveniently finding new problems that have to be fixed before the initial project can move forward.

He paints himself to look like you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But in the end, he will  rob you blind!

When the arrests start, so too, I expect,  will the bloodshed. The left, worked up to a rabid state, who pretend to loathe violence and to want no one to have guns ( except themselves), are going to lose it! When they do, it won’t be skinheads and residual KKK wannabe’s making a pretend counter demonstration. It will be a lot of trained military vets, active service members, fed up good cops, pastors, soccer moms, hunters, NRA members, all the normally easygoing live-and-let live types, who have finally reached the end of their forbearance. And they will all have guns. Lots of them. Now, the shadow government has all those weapons they collected from those delusional folks who actually believe handing your weapons over to the state is a wise thing. They have stockpiled weapons and ammo. All that is left will be to issue new talking points and the call to the non-thinking useful idiots that guns are actually the answer, so they will line right up at the gun distribution centers.

Problem is ( for them) the Judeo Christian patriotic bitter clinger side knows how to shoot! Their grandmothers know how to shoot. Their kids know how to shoot, and a few of their dogs probably can too.

Is this a good scenario? One to anticipate with glee? Well, many may feel just that way. But both sides will be falling into a trap, because the only real winner in war, is the government and Satan. The irony!

If not all out war here, then they will commit our resources to one already in progress. Either way, the teotwawki* scenario so long spoken of,  will indeed eventually come to pass. (*The end of the world, as we know it).

This is not about America. It will seem to be, but I believe it is just one more preset charge in an ongoing controlled demolition project that paves the way for the single global government. How critical a part, could be debated, ( so can the color of a dress) but there are a few things we know now for certain. It is all a puppet show! Power, humanly speaking, is already much more consolidated than we want to admit. Strong delusion is already in play. Satan really does believe he will prevail, and is the puppeteer who has taken full advantage of those who love not the truth, and who defy God, and their thirst for power and worldly riches.

We are in deep enough now, in the progression of Prophetic developments, and the convergence thereof, that we are apt to be stunned unto silence by the things we see coming to pass. For all of the speculation and opining and bickering going on, silence might not be a bad idea. When God finds His creation needs a reminder Who is in charge, and commences to show us,  silence is the only appropriate reaction!

Another reason for my own silence, is that it is time for those awaiting the bridegroom, to double check their oil supply and trim their wicks. Just before the wedding, there is a flurry of inspection, and sudden solemnity and maybe doubt that needs to be settled.

You have to snuff the flame temporarily, to trim the wick of an oil lamp.  If you don’t, the fire will die when you do so anyway. What is the purpose of trimming a lamp ( the wick is what you trim) ? Trimming a wick prevents that undesirable black smoke, and enables the lamp or candle to burn cleaner, more efficiently, and conserves the oil.

Now lets look at that from the standpoint of the bride of Christ.

To become saved, the Holy Spirit must first convict. To convict, the Holy Spirit must be present in some capacity, to every person. Lets say that “required measure” must be “given” or availed to each person. Some will not receive it when the Holy Spirit gives that first tiny measure. So no illumination, no fire kindled, no further light. Some, will gladly receive that initial small measure, but quickly burn through it and when it has been spent, they will be content to settle for that, because buying more oil might cost them something. They are like the seed that falls on hard ground, never splits open, grain of life never comes forth to begin with) or rocky soil (seed that can’t part with all that the world places in their way) , or on shallow ground and withers and dies     as soon as the harsh sun shines down, (hardship, trials) and the “believer” abandons the narrow way.

We know that in those late hours at the end of the night, we all be subject to increasing darkness. That oil means the difference between going with, or staying here when the bridegroom comes for His betrothed. I have always thought the parable of seeds and the parable of virgins were different illustrations of similar principles. But what if they aren’t?

I am not addressing the question here of who the 2 groups of maidens represent. What I am focusing on is the trimming of the lamps, and how one group is all set to make it through that darkest hour, and the other is not.

Getting back to the trimming, preparation for that final dark hour, there are two things required. Trim the lamp (wick) and have extra oil on hand. Lets say the ones with extra oil represent Christians. And maybe the ones who have a lamp, and trim the wick, but never bought extra oil, are the Jews. We see that there is either a legitimate time for not sharing what we have or when what we have cannot be shared. (By the way, guess which oil is the cleanest burning oil for lamps? Olive oil! Pretty cool, huh?)

We can’t make someone else “saved”. Every person has to respond to the invitation to be receive the redemption Jesus purchased for them.

But perhaps also, there is a time when it is proper to turn our focus to those last-minute, last chance final inspections. Maybe we need a clean and bright flame that does not surround us in a fog of smoke, and won’t waste precious fuel we are going to need in the last hour.

Maybe it is time to trim off things like forever following the blow-by-blow of the political puppet show, or pondering the question of the real purpose of FEMA camps, and DARPA and cloud seeding and Mandela effect. Maybe those are a smokescreen, an unnecessary distraction that dims our light, which is half of that salt and light recipe for a preservative that keeps evil from mushrooming.

I don’t know, folks, but I think it is omething to consider.

As for the question of the identity of the two groups of virgins, if you keep in mind that it was Abraham’s seed  and the line of Jacob (the Jews) through which  God chose to deliver salvation to mankind, and if you consider the fact the Jews believe in the same God we do and promise of Messiah, well they  did not “buy” that second major piece of the plan which is that Jesus was and is “He whom their own prophets foretold”.  Israel will not be raptured,  they will be saved, but only after the wedding.

Play nice!

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