2 thoughts on “Watch “Bill Salus: The Next Prophecies” on YouTube

  1. There was a 50 day period from the Resurrection of Christ, and the end of the age of Israel, until the Church-Age began at Pentecost, so it is possible that there could be some time between the Rapture and the signing of the Antichrist’s covenant between Israel and the world. There was actually a year between the pre-flood world and the post-flood world, so again, it seems like the Lord uses these gaps to set-up the next Dispensation.

    I think he is correct on this point; there might be a gap, but it won’t be a big one, maybe a few months to a couple of years or so. It won’t be decades or centuries, because the Lord has promised that the generation that sees the beginning of these things (the End Times signs) will still be here at its end!

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