I waited to post this until I was sure the Lord wanted me to. I do not agree with date-setting, and post this for information purposes only.  However, I believe we are in the final seconds of the age of grace.  One disclaimer. I cannot vouch for the legitimacy or accuracy of the Jewish prophecy mentioned in this video. See what I did find Here

I screen captured the charts shown in the video so I could review them.   I am posting them below the video for others to copy or supersize to get a better view.




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  1. Helllllo Sandy! – For such a time as this! Esther4:4 – This is a very exciting time to be living! We know that God has the date of our Messiahs return firmly in His mind and is not far away. We have a burning desire to see His coming, don’t we? Can’t wait to hear the trumpet sound, Come up hither! Rev.4:1 – Looking up to heaven in hope!!!

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