You know, there was a time when, if asked what is my favorite sport, my answer was “politics”. Seriously, I enjoyed being informed, keeping up with developments, figuring out who the worst weasles were, and rooting for the handful of “good guys”, holding folks accountable, standing up for Judeo Christian values.

I said back six years ago, we will soon be seeing literal free-for-all brawls on the Senate floor.

But the depths of ridiculousness we are witnessing now, are really hard to wrap my head around. There are a lot of people who feel that they want nothing to do with anything political, including voting. If you are not informed, don’t want to be informed, you definitely should not vote. But more and more, it seems apparent that our votes are a farce anyway.

The people in power are destroying America, and it is absolutely disgusting to watch

If you know about Q-anon, there is a “realityshow/soap opera” of intrigue that is easy to get drawn into, taking place, and to use a television term, the shark was jumped some time back.

It is clear to every person on planet Earth who is paying attention, that the Kavanaugh accusers are a not-even-veiled attempt to derail the appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and is about getting power back on the Left at midterms.

Vote, yeah, in my opinion we will still be held accountable, but much more important, we as Christians should be praying for truth to prevail, and evil be exposed in this matter.

Meanwhile, all of this serves to detach us from the matters of the world and prepare our hearts to leave this world and it’s madness behind.

So don’t let it drag you down. God is allowing the madness, but I sincerely believe that the prayers of God’s people have the power to influence the conditions all Americans live under while the church is still here. Salt and light. Light exposes the rot, salt prevents it from proliferating.

What else can we expect from the “accuser” whose entire purpose is steal, kill and destroy.

If it fires you up, it is ok to call your congressman,  etc, but why not skip the middle man, and go straight to the Top to make your appeal?

If you vote, it may or may not be counted. If God’s people pray, it always counts.





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