2 thoughts on “Watch “Special update on Netanyahu’s UN address, September 27, 2018.” on YouTube

  1. I don’t get the feeling this guy is legitimate.
    #1 Americans are not laughing all the way to the bank and #2 Trump is not destroying Gobalism. Trump is a special interest guy, you scratch my back I will tap yours. What he is doing with the tax cuts and tariffs is making his
    backers rich

    • Yes, his views on Trump are naiàve. I follow him for Israel news and particularly IDF. I also say Trump is a chameleon, he even outright said so in a campaign interview. He said “I can be anybody I need to be”. However, I also believe God is the one running the show, so Trump is constrained by what God allows or causes him to do. That everyone in government has the means to enrich whomever they want or need to, is no revelation. It is unfortunately just how it is. I won’t be surprised at anything Trump does. I am praying God keeps him in line.

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