What difference, at this point, does it make?

Everyone has probably heard the illustration of the super-spiritual fellow caught in a flood, sitting on his rooftop, who declines the offers of rescue via boat, and helicopter because he is trusting the Lord to deliver him, right?

It seems to me, that there’s similarly self-righteousness in Christians who consider “politics” and voting beneath them.

America is not our hope, and God is not American. All those points and similar, are true. But why allow God’s gifts to decay and crumble? Is that an appreciative response to such a gift as a nation that functions by rule of law and a system of governance with checks and balances? Is it good stewardship to allow the corruption to go unchallenged?

I believe we have a choice, as Christians, about what kind of nation America will be during the remainder of this age, whether it be days, weeks, months, years, or merely hours.

What exactly does the word “occupy” mean, anyway?

Hold your place in this rotting world, and be righteous in your sphere of influence. We don’t necessarily have to storm the Capitol, or to stick our flag in the ground and claim some little patch of Earth for Jesus. But it doesn’t hurt to “go on record” on the side of righteousness either.

There is a lot of strong rhetoric being bandied about right now. Civil discourse is barely clinging to life in the public arena. We are directed in the Word to overcome evil with good.

Many have said that right now, “we are in a battle for the very soul of our nation”. Nations do not have souls. God will be God whether America exists or not, but that does not excuse throwing away with both hands, all that is good about America. We need now more than ever, to put things in their proper order. God foremost.

Just because ethics are very sorely lacking in much of America, does not mean we pull the plug. Judgment begins in the house of God.

Yes, everyone needs to “wake up” in the church, and in our nation. When you start to wake up, there is indignation, and a natural desire to wake up others. But then you realize that you were “woke” by someone who either was awake before you were, or some rare one who never went to sleep. 99.9% of us are complicit. We let it happen on our watch. For the most part, few if any did so out of abject apathy. We just assumed everything was running along like it was supposed to, and went on concerning ourselves, with ourselves.  But the cracks began to show decades ago. We cannot afford to pretend it is someone else’s job, someone else’s battle. I want to go home as much as anyone, but for as long as we are here, is it wise to just stand by and simply allow America to become the USSR or Nazi Germany or Communist China? Really?

When two people fall in love, and get married with stars in their eyes, life always comes along and dulls the sparkle. It can be tempting to see greener grass outside your own yard, and decide to give up on your marriage. But ask any couple who resisted that temptation and who, instead, resolved to make the effort to mend what is broken and neglected in their own marriage, and they will tell you it was worth the effort to remember what is good about the marriage, and why they fell in love to begin with.

We have generations that are coming up behind us, we middle-agers and older, and we must own our role in letting this nation get into this state of neglect. I am not referring to future great-great grandchildren. I am talking about those young people already alive right now! I thank God that before my eyes were opened there was someone else who saw where we were headed and prayed, and got involved. For a while, I was very frustrated by the seeming total lack of awareness of so many Christians about the path America was on. It may not be a “calling” for everyone to engage in multiple ways,  but we can all pray, all legal citizens of voting age can vote. I think the reason there was such shock and outrage at the Trump win, is because of the sheer degree of cheating and money invested on Hillary’side. The fact so many legitimate voters showed up, and cast their votes, proves how much the globalists underestimated the other side.

I hope that even more “middle Americans” will vote in the midterms.

There is nothing wrong with “keeping house” while we are still here. We ought to do so. I know how much prayer I invested, and I know many others who also humbled themselves and prayed prayers of repentance on behalf of America and the church in America. So when I conclude that the turn of events that began when Hillary Clinton and all those behind her were thwarted, I have good reason to think so. Not based on appearances and developments, nor on any human in any office, but solely based on the scriptural fact that righteousness exalts any nation, and sin is a reproach to any people, that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”, and that if God’s people, who are called by His name, humble themselves and pray, and will turn from their wicked ways, we will be heard by God, and He will heal our land  I believe Him. Those are promises.

I did not say I expect America to go back to an earlier state. But just like someone who has cancer, chooses to fight it to at least buy time, I think all who have enjoyed the benefits of America bought and paid for by others before us, ought to do what we can to preserve what remains.

Ideally, the Judeo Christian values that are still sacred to most of us in the “flyover”territories, can remain the basis for how our nation operates.

The Kavenaugh battle is about neither Kavenaugh nor any of his “accusers”. It is about whether we will be a nation of law and order, or a nation of lawlessness. It is about power in the hands of sick, wicked, humanistic, God-hating Socialistic, baby-murdering, human-blood-drinking, Satan-worshipping cannibals, and whether we leave it in their hands or appeal to God to remove it from them. It is about the many held hostage by delusional ideology.

Is it good stewardship to leave those conditions unchallenged?

Will God consider that when we are judged on what we did and what we neglected to do? These are questions worth considering.





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