What they said. What is true.

Judge K’s lifelong friend said” He came out with his head held high.

What is true: Feinstein walked out of there with his head on a stick.

What every elected official said: “I found her credible”

What is true: She is a psych professor who knows how to manipulate others by posture, tone of voice, tilt of head, and tucking her chin, thereby narrowing the airway, and producing a simpering childlike voice contrived to elicit pity. Every bit of background on her screams of her ties to the movers and shakers from Big Pharma to FBI family members, to her activism against Trump.

What Jeff Flake said: “I will vote yes on advancing the candidate”.

What is true: Jeff Flake is a coward

What Fienstein said:  “I didn’t leak it, neither did my staff.

What is true: Duh, did you think she would confess?

What was said: “I’m afraid to fly. I got up the courage to get on the plane to come here with a lot of support from friends”

What is true: She jumps onto planes and travels extensively and frequently.

What was said by Flake “We just need one week”

What is true: No person anywhere believes this will be over in one week.

What was said by Graham : ” This is a disgrace”

What is true: “This is criminal  and completely outside the parameters of protocol, but no one will be held accountable for it, ( in this life that is).

What was said: “I am not guilty of any of these charges”.

What is true: It is irrelevant that you are not guilty of these charges. The left likes “her truth” ( the lie) much better.

What was said by Dems: “I am outraged/appalled/disappointed at the way this has been handled by the Republicans”

What is true: The left has no heart, and no conscience and no moral constraints and couldn’t care less what the right does, because the right do have consciences and a modicum of decency, and therefore they know all their false outrage makes the right second-guess itself, and get worried somebody might not like them anymore as they literally believe the protesters reflect the “sentiments of the people?”

What many Democrats said after grueling grilling and goading, and proclaiming a man guilty with not one shred of corroborating evidence, and tormenting his family: “See, he’s angry and out of control”

What is true: An innocent man will get mad when he is falsely accused and his entire family is terrorized, and a lesser man would have broken long before now. He has exhibited exceptional restraint and composure.

Confirm him, and call for the FBI to thoroughly investigate all of the Dems on the committee, including medical records, financial records, and their high school yearbooks.

The sad thing is, they will now force a recovering alcoholic cancer survivor to participate in this charade for sheer political gain.

God please step in, and write in the dirt, like with the Pharisees  in their eagerness to stone the woman caught in adultery.   Please make truth and righteousness prevail in this matter.




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