The Calm Before the Storm

I debated long and hard about whether to write about this. I stopped offering commentary on political developments because frankly, like many of you, I supported Trump but do not dare let down my guard concerning him. It has been a matter of waiting to see what God is doing in this.

No matter how eager we are to be with our Lord, we understand how the younger folks who have yet to marry, raise a family, prove themselves in a career, etc are not quite as eager, and we can find part of our heart hoping for their sake, that they can have that opportunity. BUT……..

The more Americans get behind Trump, the more prophecy-minded thinking Christians must feel a sense of caution and distrust of what Donald Trump’s role really is.
The angle may well be “lull the Conservatives into a false sense of getting back control, let them vote in droves to remove the Liberals, let the Republicans be the majority”, because the left has all of these uncounted forces and facts on their side: 
  • They are not constrained by conscience or morals
  • They have UN forces on their side
  • They have an advantage in vicious Mexican gang members and illegal aliens with nothing to lose and everything to gain
  • They have Muslim extremists who share the goal of taking America down
  • They have Communist China very invested on their side, with money, surveillance and operatives assisting
  • They stored a massive armory of guns and ammo which they can easily put into the hands of the same lunatics who right now are merely mobbing senators and Trump team members, stalking, harassing, and getting personal home addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and threatening the wives and children. Even if they can’t shoot, enough shooters can up their chances of causing significant deaths.
  • The “community organizers” have activated the programmed masses, and stirred them to blood lust, and the democratic socialist Marxist are literally demon – possessed. So they have power over the many unsaved, and their demons desire to kill anyone who acknowledges God
This is for the followers of Qanon. If you don’t know what that is, this post will not fill you in. I address this to those who are hoping the promises of Trump and Q are coming true. I understand, but consider this scenario.
I think that the JFK angle is just a distraction -within-a-distraction.
I think if the “tribunals” take place, they will either be allowed to happen because the NWO does not need those operatives anymore (Obama, Clinton’s, etc) or because they will be fake, produced by Hollywood “majic”to make it seem real.
I keep hearing people, like Mark Taylor and others, say ” martial law under Obama-bad. Martial law under Trump-good, as well as necessary”. Do not be deceived! Trump has the same powers Obama did. The idea he will now use all the FEMA camps, burial boxes, and police owned military vehicles against the “deep state” in a massive round-up, again, sounds great! Would be an awesome movie plot. And that is the problem. You don’t think, with the capabilities of Hollywood, CGI,   realistic (Computer-Generated Imagery) and the practiced poker faces of elected officials, and utter control of internet and media, that they could not pull that off?
The great delusion is bigger than we have imagined, I expect.
Deceived ones in Christendom, plus this aura of “good” finally prevailing over evil, of sanity returning and putting down the rabid mobs, it sounds so good, but think about it. It is the  perfect lull creating the appearance  of restoring law and order, safety and peace in America, which gives all the rest of the world hope as well, and what do you have?
Peace and security….the perfect setup for the “sudden destruction” we know is coming.
Most of the professed Christians leading the campaign to believe in Q and Trump and their promises, seem to be from  one of 3 belief systems: New Apostolic bent, Dominionist, or those who write off prophecy as figurative and not literal. Those who are not particularly religious, but do recognize the wisdom of upholding Judeochristian values and law and order, also cling to hope that Trump will accomplish what he has promised.
We sat and watched all of America split in two opposite camps over the Blasey-Ford allegations. All heard the same testimonies of Ford and Kavanaugh. Like the gold/ blue dress meme, how do we all look upon the same thing but see one of two opposite things?
I say, in the same way a person high on cocaine thinks he can fly, that’s how. There is reality, and there is delusion.
I would love to believe that operation “drain the swamp” is the reality myself. I tried to, even. But my knowledge of prophecy says things are not as they appear.  As I said before, I know the amount if prayer that has gone up on behalf of this nation for many years now. I do believe God can be moved by our prayers. There are instances of it all throughout Scripture. But every time God prolonged a life, every time Jesus raised someone from the dead, they all eventually died.
 We are warned of deception so prevalent in this time in history that if it were possible, would fool the very elect. Many of you may float this hope for another chance, of a few more years, for a bit.  But we are warned of a coming strong delusion, we have to judge the hour by what is happening in Israel.
This is not a David and Goliath moment. I believe it may be more like a Sampson moment. God extending grace for America to “defray the cost of our moral and spiritual failure”, by one more righteous work as we are taken down, that is, being God’s instrument to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, while exposing the depth of wickedness of the one who wants her destroyed and how ruthless the enemy is in his pursuit of that goal.
People are hanging on every word from Q and every hint from Trump, many waiting for their signal, prepared to take up arms against the “other side” believing they are preserving the Constitution and American way.
Their “opponent” is the programmed masses, the indoctrinated college grads, the products of leftist agenda public school curricula. ( That is not a swipe at any who attended public school or sent their kids there. We attended, our kids attended. Not every district is as far gone as those in major population centers). But the indoctrinated and possessed souls whom we hold accountable, hard as it is to look at it this way, are not themselves the enemy. They are prisoners and slaves, still in bondage to the system the Lord saved us from.
Those of us who are Patriots, those who are  homeschooled, the middle-aged and elderly, military vets,  I believe most of our active military still lean conservative, but not as many as at previous times. We must look at these things, pray for wisdom and discernment and not let ourselves be fooled.
Just having kids. It is natural to hope this is all the clean-up operation they are depicting it as. We don’t want our kids to go through that. But knowing what those very people are doing to children and even infants, and that God has allowed it, there is no basis for assuming God will spare the rest of the youth or any demographic from the same utter lack of regard for life, and the depravity and depths of wickedness that allow the occult powers-that-be to not just kill in cold blood, but even worse. How many cases of cannibalism have there been in the past ten years, by drug crazed and demon possessed people? How many of you know about the effort of some in Congress, to normalize not just pedophilia, but” beast brothels”, polygamy, sex robot brothels, and more. As long as we are still here, we better pray against this evil. This is the occupation Jesus told us to do until He comes. Vote, too. If there are any left in positions of power who are not given over, and if the goal is to continue to function under rule of law and the Constitution, we must accomplish it within the parameters of that law and constitution.
We have very little time left. We can serve God and vote. We can call our Congressional reps and also pray. I reject the charge that to strive to hold onto our Gog-given liberties is to be a traitor to the cause of Christ and the gospel.
Either the “whistleblowers” are risking their lives for the sake of creating an illusion of massive corruption, or the corruption and depravity is real. Consider Brietbart. This “cabal” behind the plan for globalism are the people who are “filthy rich” royalty, presidents and prime ministers, popes,cardinals, priests, hollywood elites, corporate CEO’s, successful doctors, lawyers, and tech industry moguls who have made pacts with the devil.
 I can’t help but think how perfect a set-up the current conditions could be, for the planned implosion of America. But we don’t have to roll over and let them take it from us, hand it over on a platter to prove our dedication to God.
TV programs and movies “predict” a major simultaneous take-out of Congress, like times they are in the Senate chamber or house, all in one big room along with hits on the President and cabinet. All if these coordinated at once,  like the several plane crashes on 911, well, that is all it would take to decimate America and cause instant global shock and panic.
The Qanons believe Trump will pull off a reset of the monetary system, that ” will be very difficult for a few months, and then in 5 or 6 months, will settle in with restoration of the gold standard.
We are so close to the tribulation. And I am unshaken in my conviction we will be taken out before that. But there is still space for some really awful stuff to happen by virtue of how fast these things can be done when they are already planned, with operatives in place to carry them out.
The split down the middle has us in a teeter-totter-like state of balance right now. But a mere sneeze could launch pandemonium.
 Nikki Haley has resigned her position. What does that signify? So much shifting taking place.
On guard, saints!

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