Again, I don’t plan to wade into politics on this blog. This video is for your information, in case anyone does not realize what is about to begin. I believe the midterms will be the spark. The witches are praying to their god. They are summonsing demons. Know where you stand. Know who your God is! Realize how low our culture has sunk. Spencers novelty store is now carrying tee shirts that “jokingly” say things like “Let’s summons demons”. Members of Congress want to legalize perversions like bestiality. Occupy. This is spiritual. Stop worrying and get to praying. Despite our dwindling capacity to be shocked by the horrors child trafficking, of government corruption, of fraud in the banking system, the probability of events that will do to our psyche what 9-11did to us in 2001, is pretty high. We have assimilated the 9-11 horror as a new norm. But worse, I regret to say, is coming. If the leaders who are working to combat evil, and to destroy everything good, can be quelled, intercepted in their plans for the midterms, that may offer a brief reprieve. But this is not just America. The same battle is playing out elsewhere in the world.This is the birth pangs, transitioning into the latter, more intense phase.

Just as the body endures labor and delivery of a baby with guidance from a doctor or midwife, we will endure by the Holy Spirit, who will guide us in every circumstance.  Fear may come, but don’t fling wide the door and let it come in and get comfortable on your sofa. You don’t have to embrace it. God has not given a Spirit of fear, nor is He the author of confusion. Set your mind to things above, and reset it as necessary.

Play nice!

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