You need to know

The invading mob from South America does not plan on stopping. Citizens are heading down en masse. Veterans,  state militias, bikers, and anyone with a will to stop this, are headed south to confront them.

I don’t have to tell you how volatile a situation this is. Trump has NOT sent the military, and U.S. citizens are not waiting. As always, this is FYI. Not a call to arms. Just a heads up. If anything, it is a “call to knees”. Pray for PEACEful resolution, and for the SAFETY of all involved.

A 6 mag quake hit Honduras and a Cat 5 hurricane is headed to Mexico, all of a SUDDEN, and the DESTRUCTION in the face of all of this could be devastating, as the left never lets a “good crisis” go to waste. Especially if they created it. This is meant to create chaos and stop the midterms. If you can vote early, you probably should.


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