The Sanhedron have invited 70 nations (representative of “the whole world”) to the dedication of the Temple Altar on the last day of Hanukkah, which started today, and ends Monday the 10th.

Sanhedrin Invites 70 Nations to Hanukkah Dedication of Altar for third Temple

The word Hanukkah means dedication, and the celebration foreshadows antichrist in the actions of Antiochas Epiphanes when he desecrated the Temple in 70 AD, a partial fulfillment (which was predicted in the last chapter of Daniel), all pointing to the ultimate fulfillment during Daniel’s 70th week.


Hanukkah Foreshadowing of antichrist

President trump had a laser light appear on his face during his speech. Is this a warning about Hannity’s leak that “something big” going to break on Monday (tomortow)?

Videos and article link :

Kill Shot: Frightening Moment As Red Laser Dot Floats Over President Trump During White House Christmas


The UN is meeting now. Macron promised if Trump doesn’t offer his peace plan, Macron will offer his!

The 10 nation coalition army is forming, I posted that yesterday.

Iran shot a missile into Golan a couple of days ago, and Israel struck targets just south of Damascus

EU signed a deal to buy their gas from  Israel instead of Russia.

Folks, that is a recipe for a climax in events right there.

If you are a pre-tribber, you ought to be excited. If you are a “not sure” or non-pretrib and prepper, it is probably time for last minute, final preparation for your bugout.

With all the heads of state in New York if there is any watershed event, the news will spread faster than Twitter, and if anything happens, such as arrests or an assasination, the economy will crash too. Peace and safety are always on the UN agenda, and we know sudden destruction comes during a time of much discussion of peace and safety or security.

May be a big deal, may be just one more day or week or month that passes with our world (as we know it) still intact. But it is awful late in the game to count on biding time.



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