The long road home

The sun sits low in the darkening sky.

The specks of light, visible only to the spirit realm, float up through twilight.

A survey from above reveals the destruction. The Earth hums, rings, groans. A cry rises up from vexed children to their Father…..”How long….?”

Not yet.

See that lost one, pray for this weary one, help those needy ones over there. Tell them the gospel. Warn them! Pray for the persecuted and oppressed. Do not be distracted.

Keep praying. Keep walking. Keep trusting.

Was it this bad for Noah? Was Lot more vexed than we? Incomprehensible!

It is easy to understand why You don’t give us more knowledge of the future beforehand. Our frail human constitutions would not hold up.

We look forward with eager anticipation. We know with each sunset we are one more day closer to our glorious redemption.

Fill us with Your Spirit, Lord. For we do not know quite how much further there is to go.

Forgive us our sins. Help us forgive. Deliver us from evil. Grant that we remember the nourishment of Your Word. Children sometimes don’t realize when we are hungry, or thirsty, or need to rest, or getting sick.

We ask for Mercy, for strength and endurance. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Unto thee, Oh Lord, we lift up our souls, let us not be ashamed. Let not our enemies triumph over us.

Teach us to do thy will. All of the fundamental lessons of faith that You have provided throughout our lives, will need to be brought to bear for the last leg of the journey, while the failures must be left in the past. Enable us to press on to that high calling in Christ Jesus. Uphold us. Revive us. Remind us what matters, and why we are here. You have given us such promises. Help us receive them. Give us sight of the heavenly. Raise us up over the turmoil, closer to Your vantage point.

Carry us through to the finish.

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