More on RFID

HR 4919 was introduced and passed the House in 2016, was passed to Senate where it is on hold, and has not been acted on yet.

This bill calls for chipping dementia patients, children, and disabled. But there is evidence that testing was done on prisoners, institutionalized individuals, and military people without their knowledge or consent.

Scientists have discovered that various frequencies applied to these chips, produce different emotions.

There have been people claiming for many years they have been implanted with these things. They were and still are considered crazy by many, but a growing number believe it is true now. The RFID tech has been in development over 40 years, in the open, no telling how long secretly. Now DARPA has developed means to beam thoughts into a person’s mind, and read their actual thoughts.

The AntiChrist will compel all to take the mark. That is not the same as forcing. If they can cause you to think you want it, by this tech, people will take the mark convinced it is what they want. Not “against” their own will. How about Schizophrenia and mood disorders? Could this technology account for some of that?

Is this part of that delusion God will give people over to, who reject Him? ???

Here is a video about it.