Some chilling revelations

This video is over 2 years old, and the patent on this device that will have direct access to your body and DNA in real time, is at least 4 years old. Keep in mind the purpose of CERN is to open portals to other dimensions.

On a separate but relavent prophetic topic, I have been looking more into Jared Kushner, in light of the Trump peace deal that reportedly Trump intends to roll out in April after Israel’s elections.

I saw a joint speech with Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump, in which Bibi directs a statement to Jared Kushner, indicating Bibi has known Jared since he was a child. He also states that he has been great friends with Trump for many many years.

See at 4:16 mark in this video

What’s more,  the Kushner family is very close with George Soros, who actually invested greatly in helping Jared Kushner establish his real estate empire. (See Article)

That does tend to put the 666 5th ave address of Kushner’s offices in a more serious, less “coincidental” sort of light. 666, as we all know, is number of the beast. In occult symbolism, number 5 (the pentad) is the symbol of “manifestation”. It is also considered to represent male plus female together, (first odd number plus first even number, added together), and the number of death. Kushner follows the Kabballah. I have read that in Kabbalah, the number 666 is believed to hold messianic potential.

Trump credits Kushner for his successful campaign, and has stated that “if Jared can’t broker a peace deal for the Middle East, no one can” (Times of Israel, Jan 20, 2017).

Oh, and incidentally, one business that had residence in Kushners 666 building, is Lucent Technologies. Makers of the RFID chip technology.

I am not sure what the implications are, and I am not implying. I just think it is another of so many strange connections and points to the nearness of these prophetic events, if only by creating speculation and contributing to the confusion.