What will happen in coming weeks

◇The usual disclaimer applies. Just sharing this video does not imply that I agree with everything stated therein. In particular, it concerns me that so many take a couple of verses in the canonical scripture, plus a big dose of apocrypha, and teach that  the fallen angels mating with human women created Nephilim, (hybrids that were half human, half demon). I am not saying that is not what happened. What I am saying is that I am not comfortable accepting as established fact, something that is “proven” only by adding something to the Bible to come to that conclusion. The apocrypha upholds doctrines not in scripture, like purgatory. The Bible teaches man dies once, and then faces judgment, and for believers, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. The apostles and Christ never referred to any apocryphal book as inspired scripture.


If you are watching, waiting, eager to get past the long wait and uncertainty, I
believe we are about there.

This is from the same Youtuber who did the one I posted yesterday, asking “peace soon taken from the Earth?”.

It is the first if three, and he masterfully explains the symbolism on the Economist magazine ” The World in 2019″.

In this video, pay attention at the 9 minute marj, to when he says the events depicted for 2019 actually happened in 2018, and a deception wherein Leonardo Davinci supposedly time traveled to the year 2019. Think of Qanon, the Q posts that seemed to tell things in 2017, that Q referred people back to during his “days of silence” and which had Q followers convinced that Q obviously foresaw what happened in 2018. From the date of death of John McCain and Daddy Bush, and other stuff. Those of you who believed the whole “Q” phenomenon was a diversion, were correct. But those who felt Holy Spirit compelled you to look into it, were also correct in believing it was significant in the scheme of this late hour.

I think it is entirely possible WWIII, or what looks lije it, is going to break out in a matter of days. That is why I say some differences may be settled in terms of rapture timing and will the Antichrist be revealed to the church and when, etc. I am not basing that on these videos, but rather on my continued watching and studying. Different watchpersons seem to have been given different assignments. Some watch the big picture, some specialize in matching up events with prophecies. The guy doing this video seems, in my opinion, to be one of those God saw fit to give insight into both the whole puzzle as well as the individual pieces. Look for Youtube channel called “God’s Roadmap to the End” for the other 2 videos on thus topic.

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