The Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez’s Green New Deal may as well be called “the Venezuela diet”

AOC is the magnum opus of John Dewey. He would be so proud!

The dumbing-down of America is no accident. It is not the result of uncontrollable natural forces floating in the air we breathe or the water we drink. It is the result of a planned scheme launched in 1898 by Progressive-in-Chief John Dewey outlined in an article titled “The Primary-Education Fetich” (sic). Dewey was a diehard socialist with a deep hatred of capitalism, individualism, and orthodox Christianity. He, and his small army of academic followers, were determined to turn America into a humanist collectivist society and he figured out that the best way to separate Americans from their constitutional freedoms and individualism was to dumb them down. –Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Not all Christians can homeschool, but I believe homeschooled kids, many  military academy kids and those raised to honor God respect America, now in their 20’s and 30’s, are God’s remnant for their generation and the antidote to the product of most public school, Governor’s schools, and most of the colleges in America, who were purposely indoctrinated to embrace evolution and socialism, and whom were prohibited to develop critical thinking skills, over-endowed with self-esteem and entitlement, and in large part devoid of common sense (replaced with Common Core)!

Satan is methodical, and patient, but God is Satan’s triumphant Master and Lord victorious over all. I pray AOC (and others in her generation) can overcome her education. She  seems like a likeable person outside of her politics.