Most Blessed

She prayed for strength, that she might achieve, but was made weak, that she might obey.

He prayed for health, that he might do great things, but was given infirmity, that he might do better things.

She prayed for riches, that she might be happy, but was given poverty, that she might be wise.

He prayed for power, that he might have the praise of men, but was given weakness, that he might know the power of God

She prayed for nice things, that she might enjoy life, but was given life, that she might enjoy all things.

He prayed for comfort, that he would not suffer, but was given pain, that he might learn compassion.

Every prayer was answered. Though they received nothing they asked for, they were granted everything they could ever have have hoped for and  were abundqntly blessed!

–Author unknown



2 thoughts on “Most Blessed

  1. I checked that, and I am not sure why.You are welcome to cut-and-paste if you like. Have you explored my many other pages in the menu above. Poems, etc, “memoirs” and the like? I wish my WordPress theme allowed for more than one menu, so I could highlight those. But I tried the one arrangement available, and the main blog stream kind of was lost in the shuffle, so I went back to the layout people were accustomed to. (My blog has evolved over the ten years.)


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