My treasure chest of cherished things

treasure chest
The Blue Ridge Mountains in the Fall of 82

Sitting in our porch swing with my boys when they were little

Watching a meteor shower from the hood of the car on a summer night

Going for snow-walks at midnight before anybody else has left footprints

Being young and strong enough to water ski on beautiful Smith Mountain Lake

The first time I held my babies

The smell of pine pitch on old railroad ties along the trail at Battlefield Park in summers heat

The taste of orange blossom honey

The sound of the swollen creek through grandma’s window as I fall asleep

The gurruuump of bullfrogs on the pond

The sound of my boys as toddlers, playing and laughing together

Stopping on a busy highway interchange to sit among a bank of daffodils as I watch the traffic whizzing by

Giggling with my cousins

Giant fluffy white clouds against Scotland’s blue sky

Celtic flutes and harps

Music boxes

Wind chimes

The sound of the ocean and seagulls in the morning

A lonesome faraway train whistle

Purple Morning Glories and gold tortoise beetles

The fragrance of daffodils and hyacinth and honeysuckle and jasmine

Cooking with fresh herbs

The smell of an orange at Christmas

Dozing off to the sound of the clothes dryer

Stained glass

Stained_glass : Seamless background pattern in stained glass style; floral motif

Running 5 miles


Singing  in harmony with family

Piano music

Warm, caressing breezes

Fresh picked apples

My aunt Gwen’s Bread and Butter Pickles

Mama’s Macaroni Salad

Laughing together as a family

Hymns echoing in a one-room church-house

Seeing loved ones lost to death, alive and well again in my dreams

The fragrance of Gardenias

Looking at old photos

A letter from a friend

A satisfying and fulfilling day’s work

Sheets fresh off the clothes line

Kittens playing

Easter dresses and patent leather shoes

Road trips

The playing of taps and the red white and blue flying high

Fourth of July Fireworks

Food at the State Fair

The first “barefoot day” of summer

Walking in the rain in Quebec

Swimming laps for an hour or more, my mind a complete blank

Wave runners and four-wheelers at full throttle

Big Band Swing

Sarasota Botanical Gardens and my sketchbook

Natural Bridge

Popcorn and fudge and charades

Hubby’s Hugs

Walking with Jesus

And some day soon, the sound of the shofar and the sight of my savior’s face!

Copyright S.T.Lloyd













4 thoughts on “My treasure chest of cherished things

    • I miss my life. I don’t talk about my health issues anymore on here, but it still limits me. It makes me look forward to heaven as a truly blessed hope I embrace, to help make it the rest of the way. And your daughter will be able to tell you all that you ever wanted to ask. And you will see your grandpa and I will see my dad and grandma. I am glad God continually raises up watchmen and women. Someone to carry the baton when we need to rest and refuel and reset. ✝️


      • Amen. I love you dear sister. You’re life isn’t over, though! You’ve just entered a different stage. You have been blessed with the ability to read current events and make the prophetic connections, which many of us appreciate so much. If there is one thing I’ve learned lately, it’s we all have a job to do. I found myself frustrated at Christians who teach only about American politics and civil shenanigans as if those are the main indicators of the last days. I wanted to shake them and remind them there is more to prophecy than the Dem/Rep cat fights. But the Lord is Good and gently reminded me that He has assigned all of us a different function in shining the Light of Truth. I know there are those who think I’m off my rocker for taking a turn toward the paranormal (spiritual warfare), but there is a real need there. Thank you for all you do, it really is so helpful.


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