3 thoughts on ““Prophetic World News Update 12/10/19. This is Significant!

  1. Well, When the Arabs attack during the Psalm 83 war, Iran will not be with them, so something must happen between now and then to cause Iran to back-off, or not support this attack on Israel. Maybe it will be an attack that weakens them, but somehow I doubt it. I think it is more likely to be internal troubles, like a Revolution, which will distract Iran. The same goes for Turkey.

    By the way Western Europe (Gomer) will join in the Gog/Magog attack, and Central Europe, being descendants of Magog, will certainly be involved. Southern Europe will not be on the Russo-Iranian side in that attack, so first we must see the EU Break-up!

    The Psalm 83 war is almost imminent, but Gog/Magog is still years away.

    Look at the economic troubles Germany is in; This is as significant as an attack on Iran. Look for Germany to have a recession, while Israel prospers, and the old Nazi heart of Germany will surface again!


    • Do you think Brexit will finally happen soon? I would think if one leaves, others will follow suit. I know the German citizens are fed up. In Iran, so many are finding salvation in Jesus. That could factor in.


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