Gun rally done, moving on to Impeachment week.

News reports are saying 22,000-ish attended the rally, but those who went say that was just the number of those who went inside the “cage”. Some Republican lawmakers were working, but I still do not know if the gun lobby teams got to speak to any of them. I’ll let you know, if I find out.

Of course Northam is taking credit for how peaceful it was, lol. It is well known by conservatives that when our side does a rally we leave the place cleaner than it was when we arrived. Not totally trashed and the city doesn’t have to call in a sanitation crew and pay them to clean it up. The best thing about a rally like this, is how friendly everyone is. It is great to meet people who share your values from every state. But it is sobering that it has come to what it has.  Attendees were thanking the police for working the security detail and police were fist-bumping fellow off-duty cops and veterans, thanking them rally attendees and You-Tubers for what they were doing.

It was an intense week, and I’m glad it is behind us. The folks who made it happen have worked for months to put it together. I’m sure they are glad too.

I read this morning that Iran has a $80M  bounty on Trump’s head. Or $3M depending which news site you read. Kinda like the rally attendance numbers.

I hope we don’t all have PTSD by the time it is over.🤪



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