5 thoughts on “Tsarfati Corona update

  1. Sandra, how can I contact you and send you a couple of interesting articles from Amir Tsarfati’s Twitter page? These articles need to be shared. Thank You.


    • In the menu, there are tabs like “About”, “Latest Posts, etc. The 3rd or 4th one is ” Contact S.T.Lloyd.” and will present a form that you can use to send stuff. Thank you. I “follow” Amir on Twitter but I don’t have alerts turned on because I am hard of hearing and also follow so many that the notifications could annoy others even as I am unaware they are coming in. I probably can toggle on/off on the ones I want to be notified of, but haven’t learned Twitter that well. Sorry so late replying! So much going on lately!


      • Sandra, I have two MSN news articles to send to you, but cannot forward them to you from my email. I tried to save the articles to my documents folder, and find that I can not forward them that way either. If I had an email address from you , I may be able to forward them that way. The other article from Amir’s twitter is being sent to you by an attachment from this email. please let me know if you received it? Sandra, I am the person who sent you some preachers to add to your (Serve Him in the Waiting) back some years ago, I have some more pastors you may want to add to your list as well. From Sermon Audio: Pastor Robert W. Reed, Pastor Michael Hoggard from Missouri, Pastor Jim Byrd from Kentucky, Pastor David L. Brown from Wisconsin, Pastor Roy Waldroup from Fletcher, N.C. These Pastors can be found on You Tube & Sermon Audio, Pastor John Weaver from Fitzgerald, Ga, Pastor David Cloud lives in Nepal, and Pastor Jason Cooley from Northfield, Minnesota. Great sermons from these pastors. Have a wonderful week-end. May God bless you and your family. Ann

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      • STLloyd, I have looked everywhere on your site, and on the WordPress site, and I cannot locate the menu that you mentioned above for, (tabs like “About”, “Latest Posts”, and etc,). Thank you for any further help in finding these?


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